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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

........And Furthermore

Sen. Hillary Clinton, in reference to her remarks on Monday, added that she loves chicken and waffles, the Cosby Show, and that Common is 'da bomb'.

Well she may as well have. Anyway, it's a given that her remarks were tailored to insipre her audience, to incite them, to get them riled up. Anybody with a pulse who MAY be inclined to vote democrat should be a prime target for the democrats, and whatever you gotta say to get 'em to the polls come November, well hell, say that shit.

The only people who are upset about what she said are the already shit scared scandal ridden federal government bankrupting elitist WHITE republicans. (I forgot war mongering, but hey, you knew that already). African Americans are fine with Hillary's comments.

Al Sharpton:

"I absolutely defend her saying it because I said it through the '04 elections."

Yes you did Al, but I remember your delivery being much more entertaining.

Maybe someday white people will listen to black people without having to have it repeated by another white person first.

Example A: The Beastie Boys

Nuff Said.

This made my day. You hit the nail right on the head.

One of my guilty pleasures is to listen to right wing radio while I drive to and from work.

You would think from listening to some the jackasses out there, that Hillary lynched one of MLK's relatives right there on capital hill.

Laura Ingraham show said, it is by the far the one of the worst things to ever come from the Clinton camp. huh?? it's not like she said "if you abort ever black baby the crime rate would go down."

I agree with you on sharpton's delivery being much more entertaining.
I don't hold anything against Hillary for what she said, it's pretty much par for the course and nothing GOP stumpers haven't said about the Dem's at one time or another. Here's what I can't get behind. Al Sharpton.

Al Sharpton is a complete and utter buffoon. I just don't understand why you like the guy so much.

Two words: Tawana Brawley

Another 2 and half: C. Vernon Mason

This guys refuses to concede that he did anything wrong during his more fire and brimstone years in the 80's and until he does, he will never gain an ounce of legitimacy with me and many others. The measure of a man’s character is directly related to his ability to admit when he is wrong. He was wrong then and he ruined a guy’s life in addition to falsely polarizing the public around a fraud. If he had had shred of character then or now, he’d apologize for those he harmed and move on.

Sorry, I can’t laugh along with you on this since I’ve heard nothing but crickets chirping since 1989 from his camp…
"nothing GOP stumpers haven't said about the Dem's at one time or another"

Are you even talking about the same thing? When, post Abe Lincoln, has the GOP been the party of race reform?

I'd never vote for the Reverand Al, but I do enjoy watching him give the GOP the business.

I'm not going to defend Al, that would be stupid.

One thing is for sure, he carries a lot of political weight with his constituancy, so it's safe to say if Al says Hillary's comments don't offend him, then most likely the same goes for the people who he speaks for, and make no bones, he's got juice in the hood, weather you like it or not, and I'm quite sure he's not losing any sleep over yours or any white mans judgement of his character.

To Al, it's all justified in the name of 300 years, no half acre and no damn mule.
"The measure of a man’s character is directly related to his ability to admit when he is wrong."

If only our leaders shared Tony's view...
It was 40 acres, not half an acre.

Another word to add on Al: Freddy's
So that's another 39 and a half reasons for him to be upset.

Who's Freddy. The guy in the Curtis Mayfield song who's dead?
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