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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


As frequent readers know, I love to cook. Hue suggested I start a new foodie blog, but I ain't got time for two blogs, and besides, The Savage Distortion has room for whatever I have to say. My life is too segmented already, I don't need to further hinder my deeply disorganized self.

I will blog more about cooking, though. I foresee a time, this year, when I will be able to actually have my own kitchen, which will prompt more food blogging, which will, in turn, prompt Chrispy to shrug and say; "I don't get it."

Jackson's Eight Rules For Cooking:

1) Preparation. Don't think, just shop. Start with the meat. Buy some. Get some fresh produce. You'll always need onions. Stock cans of beans, beans are great last minute filler.

2) Inebriation. Do not cook sober. Crack a bottle open, pack the pipe, get down to business.

3) Marination. ALWAYS SOAK YER MEAT! I like to use liquor. Beer is good. Wine is fine, but old hat really. If you are marinating veggies, say mushrooms, lay off the liquor, stick with wine or beer.

4) Combination. Trust yourself. You know what goes well with what, just do it. Remember the onions, they go with anything.

5) Conflagration. Before introducing food to a pan, get that shit hot! Don't be afraid of the flame. Once you get going, you turn it down.

6) Anticipation. You know a potato takes longer to cook than a prawn. Act accordingly. Remember you can slow roast your meat because of your awesome marinade, so you don't have to rush anything if you think it through.

7) Mastication. Eat that shit!

8) Refridgeration. Save that shit!

Above all, enjoy. Cooking is fun.

very cool. If you ever get out to MPLS we gotta do a cooking show.

I wished someone would have given me the advice about Shrooms and liquor back when I was in college... I've had many a messed up night mixing those.

Question, what kind of "herb" goes well with wine?

I look forward to the cooking segment. I don't think you can go to any site on the web that has important imformation on Guitar tones AND cooking!

Anyway here is a link to an article by a good friend of mine who just quit her food critic job. the article is called "Food Porn"...

Eat that shit!
Tag it! Save it!
Who's workin' the line!?
You forgot about the two last steps.

9. Digestion - break that food down! Release all of the useful nutrients and vitamins and shit!

10. Elimination - get rid of the extra shit! Often the part of the process that determines how well parts 1-8 went. And remember, the singular of feces is fex.

By the way, what the hell is a prawn?
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