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Friday, January 13, 2006


The third time is the charm. Last night I finally got to see the man hiself, Buddy Guy, play in his house, Buddy Guy's Legends. Chan and I got done early, and checked the Buddy Guy's Legends website to see who was playing.

Jackson: Uh, Chan, guess who's playing.

Chan: Who?

Jackson: The man hiself, Buddy Fucking Guy!

We called for tickets, were informed that there were a few available at the box office. We jumped in a cab, and headed downtown, and got there in time to make the show.

When you see Buddy Guy when he's on tour, you see a show, a concert, arranged with a set list, and lights, the package. Come January, Buddy takes the month off from the road, comes home to Chicago, and plays four nights a week at his club. It's a whole different show. It's Buddy in Buddy's house, doing whatever he wants to do.

Buddy: I don't like to rehearse, the band don't know what I'm gonna do, I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do.

From the get go he just let it all hang out. Playing bits of songs, stopping the band, starting another, maybe only playing a verse, then stopping:

Buddy: Here's some Eric Clapton shit from the sixties with Cream....

And he played a bit of 'Strange Brew'. Then he did a bit of John Lee Hooker..."Boom Boom Boom".

Buddy: Here's something from another rock guy......

Stomps on the wah, 'Voodoo Chile'.

He did the whole stroll through the audience bit, and yours truly was blessed with an up close an personal moment with Mr. Guy.

He shredded, stomped, wailed, made jokes, noises, and lot's of dirty talk. It wasn't about perfection, it was about fun, for him, and everybody there.

Buddy Guy is the greatest living bluesman.

Damn Right.

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