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Friday, January 20, 2006


ALBANY, N.Y., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Families of children with special mental health needs are outraged by recent episodes of the Dr. Phil show, saying the talk show host has misinformed and stigmatized families. - PRNewswire

What a fucking cunt. I'm sorry but the word fits. That's what he is, a fucking cunt.

Oprah, I implore you on the behalf of all humanity to put down this monster you created.

The worst thing about him is that countless multitudes actaully think this guy is a real doctor, and that his 'advice' is based on practical knowledge gained by working with families.

He's a fake, fraudulent cunt.

The Dr. Phil Show aired two recent episodes on children's mental health and parenting. In his primetime episode, which aired on CBS September 22nd, Dr. Phil highlighted a family whose nine-year-old son was rubbing his feces on the walls of the house, torturing animals, acting violently toward his siblings and was prone to intense tantrums. Dr. Phil informed the parents that their son did not have a behavior problem -- that his problems were the result of poor parenting. He continued by informing the parents that their child had 9 of the 14 characteristics of a serial killer.

"Hundreds of concerned family members have contacted us to express their outrage," said Paige Macdonald, Executive Director of Families Together in New York State, a statewide organization that advocates for families of children with special mental health needs. Macdonald is also the parent of a child diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.

"This child clearly needs a thorough evaluation by a trained children's mental health specialist. Never once did Dr. Phil suggest an evaluation or provide information about supports available to this family and child. Instead, he used this as an opportunity to blame and shame parents of a child in need of help."

"By blaming parents, Dr. Phil has created a situation where thousands of families will be reluctant to seek treatment for their child. With suicide being the third leading cause of death for teens, any deterrent to seeking treatment can be devastating," Ms. Macdonald continued.

That was back in September, now he's done it again.

Hue. B. Mooksuki on the recent Dr. Phil show on autism:

"Not only did he put autism awareness back a few decades, he actually made it seem like kids with autism are violent and to be feared!!!"

I didn't see the show of course. I'd need to be paid well, in cash, to tune into that ass crack's show, but I trust Hue on the matter. I'd say a man who works three jobs to pay for therapy for his autistic son, therapy that insurance won't cover, knows a bit about the subject, which is a great deal more than Dr. Cunt.

This is what I posted on Dr. Phil's Website Discussion group... I'm sure it won't be published but here it is... Sorry, it's a little long and rambling..



I am the father of a boy who is living with ASD.

Dr. Phil's show Extreme Disorders did nothing positive for the cause of Autism and the REAL problems that families face.

By opening your show with news clips of the young man who when on a shooting rampage, then following it up with a 5 second disclaimer, you did more to hurt the cause than anything. It's because of shows and stories like this, parents pull their children away from kids with autism, OUT OF FEAR!

And you couldn't have gotten a worse set of parents for the focus. From the clips, it was obvious these parents have NEVER picked up book on the disorder their son is living with. If they have, they wouldn't of looked so surprised when Dr. Phill told them it was Neurological.

These parents have nobody to blame about their son's outbursts except themselves. If they actually took the time to learn about what their son is suffering from, they wouldn't yell at him like they do. Pathetic!

Maybe dad needs to get his butt off the lazy-boy, drop the remote, and actually crack a book on the disorder. Then maybe he would learn how to communicate with his son, and he wouldn't have to hide the hammers.

Here's a little hint for the parents, if you really love your kid, tell him. Don't yell it, tell him and show him.

As far as Dr. Phil is concerned, or what ever producer is responsible for this travesty of an episode... Why would you choose to scare the general public, and sensationalize this neurological disorder, by focusing on a 1 in a million case? Why not focus on any of the 1 in 166 families living with this cruel disorder.

By showing kids with Autism as violent, you make the general public think all kids are like that. No matter how many times you say "This is an extreme case" the general public remembers, "Violent outbursts = Autism".

Since my son's diagnosis, my family has sold our house, moved to a more populated area, spend every single dime we had saved just to get my son the help he needs.

Now I'm 40 and completely starting from scratch in life, but I don't mind. It's my job as a father.

Why not focus on why Insurance companies won't cover key therapies that are effective. Why not focus on how families loose an income, because daycare providers won't take kids with Autism. Why not focus on how things as simple as diet changes help thousands of kids. Why not focus on how hard it is to get through a day when you are hypersensitive to: Light, sound, touch, and food. Why not focus on success stories like Dr. Temple Grandin, PHD (who is living with Autism). Why not focus on families like mine who devote out entire lives to Autism?

You could have educated so many people with your show, but instead you made people think kids like mine are violent and to be feared. I've talked to two people who saw your show, and the only thing they got out of it was: Autism=Violent outbursts.

I'm am so disappointed, I KNOW, I KNOW the show was called, EXTREME Disorders. You know something, Autism IS AN EXTREME DISORDER already without all this extra sensationalizing of violence!

Thanks Dr. Phil for putting my cause back about 10 years! I am surprised you didn't breath any life to the old "Refrigerator Mother" cause to autism.


You're a good man, thanks for the post i appreciate it.
Fuck Dr. Phil

Hue hit the nail right on the head - this is some producer looking for a good show, which means more sensationalism and no information.

It's sad to think that a TV show like this can do so much harm.

Keep plugging away, Hue. Your son is lucky to have you for a father.
Hey Hue,

I am curious how the insurance company weasled out of paying for your son's therapy. Is it experimental or something? Have you put pressure on them to pay? I think insurance companies rely on the fact that people are too tired and overwhelmed to fight them. They're like those annoying Capital One commercials. The squeaky wheel will eventually get the grease. Keep plugging away at them. Forgive me if this is a long-exhausted issue. Good luck with your crusade. As an educator, I am always interested in what you have to say on the matter.
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