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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


To celebrate the new year, I did many things.

I bought a new Orange Lighter, I call it Orange Lighter II. It's in my front left pocket as I type.

I went to DC to celebrate with my Lady, the Legal Diva. On Saturday we visited my folks, we had soup and sandwiches, chatted, and my parents gave me a Canucks jersey. I love it. I'm digging the jersey look. Tony Alva gave me a Pennington Jets jersey for my birthday, and the Canucks jersey was supposed to be a birthday gift as well, but it took a while to arrive. I think I'd like a Shockey or Strahan Giants jersey, and maybe a Randal El Steelers jersey. No baseball or basketball, just hockey and football.

New Year's Eve I made tapas. We had roasted sausage (bratwurst and bockwurst), pickled red cabbage, roasted sweet potatoes with scallions, black olives and sweet gerkins, dutch gouda cheese, smoked peppers (red bell, and poblano), and sliced baguette.

Since the Legal Diva's DVD player is on the fritz, we picked up some board games; Clue, and Life. There aren't many board games that work with two players, but we managed, and had fun.

The Giants won! The Legal Diva's ESPN reception isn't very good, so we just tuned in every once in a while to check the score.

On Sunday my baby did the cookin'. She hit me with the southern New Year's meal. Black eyed peas, greens, jerk beef ribs, and rice. We eat very well.

On my return to New York, I came into a session in progress at Smoke and Mirrors. Koichi's band was finishing up the tracking on their five song demo. We're getting good sounds, and the mixing shouldn't be too crazy because we didn't try and layer too much on top of the basic tracks.

Happy New Year everyone. Now let's get back to life.

There's still plenty of time for me to put my synthesizer solos all over Koichi's record.
You could create a new genre, synth blues.
Skip the Giants jersey and get a gross of orange lighters...
Nothing says "I got the Blues" better than a big ol' hunk of Roland Jupiter 8.

I think BB used Roland modular synths until he got Lucille.
damn man you should start a new blog and devote it to food.

EpicurianDistortion or something....

Hope the new year treats you and the rest of the crew very well.

I'm stealing your Orange Lighter II tonight.
You'll have to get on line.
I've said it once and I'll say it again.

"Sucks to your orange lighter!"
Sure, but I'm watching.....
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