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Friday, January 27, 2006


Differences. Diversity is what makes the world interesting and beautiful. It also makes the world hateful and ugly. How do we deal with it? That is the true test. Sometimes I fail that test, and I push people that I care about too far. Sometimes I feel they need to be pushed. Sometimes I need to be reminded that I'm an idiot.

Tony believes in fighting the outside enemy, the terrorist.

I believe in fighting the inside enemy, the facist.

Tony thinks I'm paranoid.

I think Tony is a hawk.

We're both right.

Well stated... Don't worry about me, I'm going through work withdrawl here at home the last couple of days. How did I ever come to give a shit about work so much? Nothing a trip to Brooklyn wouldn't cure.

Sorry about the Mother Teresa snark, but I think that's the point I was trying to make early with the orange juice comment.

I don't know a whole shit load about Mother Teresa, but I think we all can agree that she was a good person who did more than any of us ever will to provide comfort to the most impoverished and desperate people of this world. I'm also pretty sure that we can agree that if pressed on the subject, that she would have been staunchly anti abortion rights. We can also agree tht she had a strong belief in Christianity.

I am a strong supporter of maintaining a women's right to choose. I also have huge beef with most of the world's organized religion's leadership. Does that in anyway diminish Mother Teresa's life of helping people? I think not. I wouldn't vote her to the supreme court, but if I was one of the millions whom she helped in there time of need, in some cases their final hour, I'd think she was the embodiment of pure goodness.

Mother Teresa is an exteme example, but that's how I apply this logic to other things.

The Mormon faith for example (who doesn't have some serious issues withthat bunch, although I do dig the poligamy thing they got going), mandates that their followers do 1-2 years of missionary work during their early adult life. I know good friends who adopted a couple of babies from South America. This couple (non-Mormon) told me that the Mormon missionaries are some of the most under appreciated and genuinely kind people they have ever come in contact with. They could tell you things about the work they do that would impress anybody. They simply help a lot of people in need. Is there a grand conspiracy among the churches leadership to take over the world by converting the people they help? Maybe, I don't know, but I myself appreciate what ever they do to help make the world a little more comfortable for those in need and I know they beleive they are doing good. I still don't buy their faith or politics, but I won't denegrate their good intentions or acts.

That's my tailsout on this issue...
The Mormons are great....

...except for the whole baptizing other people without their knowledge or consent, people like Holocaust victims.
I would not vote to confirm Mother Theresa for Supreme Cout Justice based soley on her religious beliefs. Saint, yes, Justice, no. She'd shoot down Roe V. in a flat second.

Eddie Izzard as Jesus talking to God (James Mason): "...and, uh, we've finally figured out the Mormon thing, Dad, they ARE from Mars..."
Mother Theresa SUCKS!
Mother Teresa was just another publicity loving whor-

Wait a minute, that's Madonna. Sorry.
tony hawk and tony alva in one post

that's an accomplishment to be proud of
The biggest beef I've got with the Mormon's is that because of their mandatory missionary work, they get to field all these 21-23 year old guys on the BYU football team under NCAA special eligibility exception, and they still can't win a conference championship.
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