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Friday, January 20, 2006


Patriots defensive coordinator Eric Mangini was hired as New York Jets coach Tuesday, becoming the youngest head coach in the NFL. - ABC/ESPN

I have no problem with this choice. I was worried that the Jets even entertained the notion of hiring Mike Tice. Eric Mangini is a great fit for the Jets, he's young, and he's studied under the best. Though I hate Belichik, I hold no ill will toward Mangini, who has shown himself to be a great defensive mind. With Chad healthy, a young motivated head coach, and a good first round draft pick, Gang Green should be in good shape for 2006.

we will see, we will see.
you are more of an optimist than i am.

i fear that the Jets need more than a young enthusiastic smart well trained coach.

i fear they need a new owner.
Then buy them, that would be an interesting venture....
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