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Thursday, January 05, 2006



Herm may leave for KC, I hope he doesn't. Some say the deal is done, but it's not.

The problem the Jets had this year was the red zone. Scoring TD's came hard after we lost Chad and Fiedler in the same game. They'll settle up with the Jags in due course for that offense. Ty Law will be happy to decapitate Leftwich, no problem.

So what now Chad?

“The Jets are going to do what the organization needs to do to get this team better at every position, including the quarterback position,” Pennington said. “Likewise, I’m going to do what I need to do to get better. If I get better, this organization will be better. No one can argue with our success when I’ve been a healthy quarterback. So my focus this offseason is to get healthy.”

Added Edwards: “We want Chad back; we want Chad to be the quarterback. But Chad knows he’s going to be competing for the job. He’s been told that, he’s okay with that, and he understands that. That’s going to make him better, and whoever comes in here, it’s going to make him better.”

“I have one thing on my side, and that’s time,” Pennington said. “Last time I didn’t have time; I had to work really hard to get back. This year, I’m really excited about having that time, doing it the right way, and coming back and being right where I need to be. I feel really good about my progress. What I faced the first time with my surgery was a lot harder than what I’m going through now.”

And Vinny:

“I couldn’t have written a better ending; it’s been great,” Testaverde said, referring to his second stint with the Jets. “My last pass was a touchdown pass on ‘Monday Night Football.’ There’s no better way to go out than having the fans cheering for you.”

And Brooks:

“There are just too many variables,” Bollinger said, referring to the coaches’ decision at quarterback. “I’m just going to control what I can control and, hopefully, it works out for the best.”

No word on Jay Fiedler. I like Jay, he's a hometown boy. I hope he comes back as the #2. I like Brooks too, he did a great job as far as I'm concerned, and I'd like to see him do well, maybe they'll need him in Jacksonville after Ty takes care of Leftwich.

Whattaya think about the Herm situation?
I hope Herm stays, but I have no say in the matter. Two draft (2nd and 3rd round) picks for Herm doesn't sound good to me.
On FAN last night I heard 3rd and 5th round picks. Not so great.

Herm apparently has some kind of relationship with KC brass, and the Jets did not object to his talking with them or offer to extend his contract... not that he deserves an extension.

I think he's going.

Next up... Jim Haslett, who the Jets have already spoken to. 3-13 this year, so he'll fit right in.

I would like Mariucci, but he's probably too expensive. Woody is REALLY cheap.
I don't like Haslett or Marriucci.
I DEFINITELY don't like Haslett.

I think Mariucci might actually be able to get this team to win - he's a great offensive mind and he'll have Chad... or whoever... throwing the ball like crazy.

No more of this running on 2nd and ten.
Nice touch on adding pictures...


The $10,000,000.00 question is CAN Chad stay healthy? It sucks when such a talented play has such problems staying well.
Running on second and ten was fine when Curtis was at his peak, I think we can say that day has past.

I can live Mariucci, I guess. I suppose I just like Herm, the man, and for some stupid reason that carries weight with me.

I realized, when I was stealing content from SI, that I could copy and paste the jpegs too.

As for Chad, I have no doubt that he will get injured again, at some point. He thinks he's an Iron Man, and I like that about him. I think we'll see him satrting again next season, but maybe not if we get Mariucci.

Then there's the draft......
Well, Herm told his coaching staff that he's gone.

Get ready for another season of... rebuilding!
oh nooooooo....
pictures on savage distortion

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