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Monday, January 16, 2006


The King Center in Atlanta is a mess. Two of the esteemed Human Rights activist's children, Dexter and Yolanda King, are in favor of selling the facility to the federal government. Martin L. King III and Bernice King, however do not. They want to retain control of the center. The heart of the matter is greed.

"The center, which includes a library, archives and exhibits, as well as the final resting place of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., is now in need of more than $11 million in repairs, according to published reports." - BlackAmericaWeb.com

Jackson, the roving reporter, having just returned from Atlanta, was informed by local sources that MLK III has misappropriated funds amounting in the tens of millions over the years, and the state of the center is a direct result of his greed and negligence.

Beyond that ugliness lies the fact that Federal ownership of the Center would not only solve the immediate repair issues, but would further the investment that the Federal Government has in the legacy of Dr. King.

I would like to see a MLK monument on the mall in DC. This is a concept who's time has come, and I know I'm not alone. I think that Federal ownership of the King Center would forward the cause of a national monument.

I'd also like to see MLK III put out on the street, but that's another matter.

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Yep, fat daddy contracts to MLK III owned businesses AND a hefty salary for himself ta boot.

The Federal Parks Services would provide a huge lift to the center's infrastructure repair needs and provide the financial stability it's lacked for a long time now. A rare instance of Tony Alva actually AGREEING with Atlanta Journal editor Cynthia Tucker's position. Seeing the place in it’s current state would shock any visitor.

Every year when this holiday comes around, I'm reminded of what a powerful and positive force MLK was. While I'm torn between his non-violent methods to expose the travesty and brutality of segregation and inequality and Malcolm X's "If they hit you, hit back" approach, the admiration I have for those who marched across the bridges and sat at the counters only increases. They are true heroes on par with those who hit the beach at Normandy on D-Day.
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