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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Orange Lighter II and I had a great time in Atlanta, both with the Alva's, and with Chan. We, Orange Lighter II and I, are on our way to Chicago. We'll meet up with Chan again there. We look forward to being reunited wth Orange Lighter I, if in fact Orange Lighter I has resurfaced, as Chris mentioned. It could be, however, that he is refering to the return of Orange Lighter II, which went awol for a day just prior to my leaving.

Congress needs to investigate this matter thoroughly and right away. The lighter economy is at stake. Both of you should expect subpoenas shortly.
You can add those subpoenas to the pile. Ted still hasn't testified in that whole Iran-Contra thing.

If the Orange Lighter currently residing at Smoke and Mirrors is actually Orange Lighter II, than what is Ted using in Atlanta/Chicago? Could it be an Orange Lighter Doppelganger?

Or, perhaps on some subatomic level, there is actually only one Orange Lighter, and all of these other Orange Lighters are just trans-dimensional physical manifestations of the One True Orange Lighter.

"I have never used Orange Lighters. Period."
What ever you do - DON'T LET Orange Lighter 1 and Orange lighter 2 share the same space!

Bad things will happen, I know this was covered in the movie, Time Cop with Van Damme.
Since they both 'dasapeared' at some point, we may never know the truth, which of course is 'out there', way out there.....
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