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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


There's a new Smoke and Mirrors podcast up at smokeandmirrors.podblaze.com. If features Koichi Band, Brain Shivers, Live Microdot, and some surprises. I hope you all enjoy it. Technically it's not my best show, the segues aren't all that, but I was rusty, and tired, and you guessed it - stoned.

Couple of things...

1.) The drum sounds you got on track eight on the Brain Shivers record (the song that mentions rolling waves...) is the absolute best ever, no question about it, don't even think about arguing with me, drum sound you guys have ever done, ever. Great song, great drum sound. The heavy big Metallica drums on the next song are great too. I'm twice through the record and loving it more with each spin.

2.) Kevin will begin working on data recovery on the dropped hard drive this week. I'll keep you posted on progress. I will work to ensure that George's toiletry kit is returned with the recovered hard drive. Tell George I like the scent he uses.

3.) Your copies of Taize Choir record in on it's way. Looks good, sounds good. I think you'll like it. Invoice sent Friday. Should get a check by Friday or Monday I would think.
TA is refering to 'Road Lag'. That's Vitray manipulated Glauco.
Yep, them drums is Glauco walking in cold - never heard the song - and basically playing so we could sound check the Soundcraft (Glauco's old board).

He played through the whole tune but we just used what's in there now. When he heard a rough mix he was pissed since "You cut out all me good stuff!"

In terms of how the sound was done, think mono + compression.

What's the next track? "Help You"?

Thanks for your kind words, TA. You'll be receiving your vinyl copy soon...
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