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Monday, January 16, 2006


Three out four ain't bad. Big surprise on the Pittsburgh/Indy game. NICE! Too bad for the Bears. It looks like Carolina will just have to lose to Seattle instead. The Denver/Pittsburgh game will be good, I'm gonna pick with my heart and choose Pittsburgh.

Super Bowl: Steelers/Seahawks!!!!!!

I'm torn. I like Seattle, they've been my #3 team since the mid eighties, but I have a soft spot for Jerome Bettis, and wouldn't mind him retiring with a ring. Roethlisberger is pretty cool too. His name barley fits on his jersey, that's so football.

Crazy, They both were AFC teams at one time.

I'm pulling for the AFC so...

Go Steelers!
Steelers all the way. I have forgiven them for their transgressions in the seventies by beating my Raiders in all those league series games.

I still can't believe that clear interception by the long haired dude was called an incomplete pass even after review. What the..? The NFL needs more long haired dudes.
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