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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Tony's Thrashers - 22/18, 2nd place in loser sunbelt division, 7th in conference.
Hue's Wild - 20/21, last place in tough TRUE HOCKEY division, 12th in conference.
My Canucks - 26/15, 2nd place in tough TRUE HOCKEY division, 6th in conference.

What do they put in the Stanley Cup anyway? Molson? Better be because the Canucks be gettin' thirsty.

As of this post, the Hurricanes are still called the Hurricanes, and are still in Carolina. Losers.

No hockey 'till the Hurricanes come home.
I'd be a Whalers fan. I love the sandwich at BK, and saw Yes at the arena in Hartford.
I saw Yes in Hartford as well. "Union" tour, in the round.
Can you still get a Whalers jersey? That would rock...

Jackson's talking smack like Pat Robertson to Ariel Sharon here. The birds are making moves up the charts boss. I predict they will make the playoffs and then we'll see my friend.

Like the BK sandwich, never saw Yes anywhere, never wanted to see Yes anywhere, but saw Iron Maiden at the Hartford arena.
It does indeed look good for a post season appearance by the Thrashers, as well as the Canucks, poor Hue.....

I hope the Thrashers remember to bring skates and leave the rollerblades back home.
I still love my wild, they are a young team with huge potential, our draft picks will be good this year.

Next season when Cory Stoner comes out of the minors it will great, mainly because I want to get a "Stoner" jersey.

Speaking of Stoners (great transistion), if the Cannucks win the Cup (at this point, I think it will be the redwings) I'm sure they will find some way to make a bong out of it.

Yeah I'm a little bitter.

I'll buy you a molson if your Cannucks win the cup, and if hell freezes over and somehow the Thrashers hoist the cup I'll buy Mr. Alva a Stoner Jersey.
Oh Yeah, I think I'll be needing a Stoner jersey, no doubt!

Hue, I have two Tedstock t-shirts on my desk awaiting Fed Ex, I swear!
Mostly pussy.

And beer.
Going back to an old post here, but...

The Hurricanes have won like 9 games in a row!

Go Whalers!
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