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Friday, January 27, 2006


I hate the fucking Grammys, but the notion that Sly Stone might, just might, show up for his Lifetime Achievement Award will get me to tune in for sure. Rumor has it that he's got the Family Stone back together for the show, but the show's producers say that it's just that, a rumor. Well, either way, I'll sit through Mimi (with the sound off) and all the other crappy acts simply to get a glimpse of the Greatest All Time Funkmaster - Sly Stone.

Do you think he'll bring enough drugs for everybody?
Sly is a total funk master, If he performs I sure hope Larry Graham shows up to lay down the phat bass.

I won't watch the Grammy's, it's total joke. I have boycotted the show since Jethro Tull won best metal band...

I will be covering the Red Carpet....

If I tell everyone I am gay, I wonder if the gals will let me touch their boobies....
It's highly likely that they'll ask you to touch their boobies if they think you are gay. One of the ironies of life.
i was more into funkadelic when they got their nod.

but i will show up to the grammys when Ween gets a lifetime acheivement award.
Sly is cool...but he ain't funkier than James Brown, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins or Prince. I'm just sayin'...
I am so confused. Who is Larry Graham and who is Lindsay Graham and are they related?
Okay, alot to cover...


You're right, I'm just excited.

The fact that Ween doesn't already have a Grammy, notably for 20 Country Golden Greats, supports Hue's ban of the Grammys.

Clarkie's havin' us on.
Actually, I thought you guys were having me on. I thought LG was code for something. So I googled the two names and found out that Larry Graham is a famous soul musician from Beaumont, Texas born in 1946, and Lindsey Graham is an odd looking man who probably wears seersucker suits willingly.
See, you can learn something from the ravings of a lunatic.
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