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Monday, January 16, 2006


Whilst I was traveling about the country helping Pharma folks with their powerpoint, Chris was a busy little bee with Strikes Again!, Geek Farm, and the Koichi Band.

The Strikes Again! record, or mini LP, or EP, sounds great! There's still some tracking to do, but it's coming together in a HUGE way.

The Koichi Band record, or demo, or EP, is done. Thanks to George for the Mastering.

Geek Farm is, of course, a place where geeks are cultivated. The cultivation continues. There has been some progress, we will see them again Wednesday, and we'll work toward the harvesting of some Brooklyn Grown Geeks.

I'll be there with Greta's Carvin in tow. I'm go in a million different directions with my bass dilemna. I have at home right now four basses. My living room looks like a music store. I have my Fender Jazz, Danelectro, Greta's Carvin, and a 1978 Rickenbacker 4001 a guy lent me to check out to see if I want to buy it. I've played them all and weighed out all the different aspects. They are all pretty different. Overall, I find the Carvin the most comfortable to play, which accounts for A LOT. My obsession with narrow string spacing I think is something I just have to get over.

So for recording on Wed. I have no idea what we're playing, but I want to use the Carvin. Greta's has some oddness with the electronics, but it should be quiet.
Carviv Scmarvin! We want to see the Rick! Who cares about your comfort? Seriously, I would like to check out the Rick at some point, I love those Basses. I remeber playing Rosie's and it was love at first feel.
The 4001 is a great bass. Worth having if for no other reason than it's highly collectible.

Of course, it sounds amazing too.
Well this Rick is weird. He's got Seymour Duncan humbuckers in it (original pickups are in the case), all the lacquer stripped off and it was tung oiled, but I guess it's all worn off because the neck especially feels like bare wood, and a Badass II bridge. It has serious neck dive, and it heavy overall. And the playing position is wrong for me, since I play right by the bridge. Oh, and it's lefty.

If you want to see it, you need to come by. In its hardshell case it's FUCKING heavy.
Sounds like somebody seriously fucked up a classic, oh well....
Fortunately nothing that can't be reversed, but: http://unix.vi/stuff/bass/rick.jpg .
That photo made me cry - sacraligious- blasphemer! That's like puting a lift kit on a 65 Mustang.
Should we tell Lemmy on him?
He knows, Lemmy, being God, is omniscient.
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