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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I was right. Everybody bow to me, king of prognosis.

I like the Steelers. Seattle, as I have said, has been my number three team for some time, but as I take a look at my feelings on the matter, I guess that has changed. I don't like Mike Holmgren, I mean he's a great coach, but he's also a big fat ass. I don't like Matt Hasslebeck either, not as fat as Holmgren, but an arrogant ass none the less. I don't even like Sean Alexander much, in fact the only Seahawk I do like is # 87, Joe Jurevicius. Come back to NY, Joe. We miss you.

Anyway, I do like Jerome Bettis, he's a class act. So is Big Ben, and so Pittsburgh, it seems, has usurped Seattle as my number three team, and I pick Jerome and company to win in his home town, Detroit.

AFC all the way baby.

the steelers are easy to like.

they've paid their dues.

it would be great to see bettis go out on top.

and the coach might even smile for once in his life.
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