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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Sure, I post what I can remember of certain masterpieces that have fallen from the Pan of Paradise, the Oven of Olympus, the Almighty Ayatollah of Wok and Roll-Ah, the Undisputed Master of the Useless Appendage of the Flightless Foul, Sultan of Soup, the One, the True King of the Kitchen!

But I don't do recipes, man. That is to say, I haven't used one in a good long while.

Yes, it's true, that when I cooked for a living, I used recipes. I had to provide food people could recognize. It was very good for me, because it laid a foundation upon which I could build the Fortress of Food, the Castle of Cuisine, the Kingdom of...........alright, I already did that bit.

Anyway, I no longer use any part of my brain to plan out a meal. The meal plans itself. It's like Amsterdam, you don't plan your day there, the city does it for you, you're there, you'll know what to do when the time comes.


There's no mapping out the ride, you can try to do some things, work some stuff out in advance, but ultimately the wave will dictate your moves.


You already know what goes with what, and you're free enough to try something new. You've got the foundation, now fly.


You are the recipe Hue.

Ted has successfully removed the brain from the process of cooking.

I knew he'd achieved this when he stayed at our apartment when we were out of town a while ago, and made a big old pot of fish stew featuring Guiness.
There's a gambling element as well, sometimes you gotta lose big to win big. The fish stew w/ Huiness tasted fine, but it didn't look very appetizing. Even Buck looked at me like I was off me rokker.
The "Guiness Stew" might be the first food Buck wouldn't beg for.
Pot, Fish, and Guiness? Sounds like fun.

Big pot full of fish and guiness... hmmm, I'll just have the water. instead of Guiness Stew maybe call it, Fish Schlager.
All I know is that Jackson is two for two with the meals he's cooked for me and my friends. There's a group of Georgia Tech tailgaters that he disappointed by not making it to the fabled GT vs. UGA game, but their all hoping he makes it down for one next year.
Cookin' for drunks is easy.
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