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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Playoffs Dude!

Washington will defeat Tampa. Clinton Portis will run for 10,000 yards, pass for 300, and wear funny clothes.

Jacksonville will destroy New England after Tom Brady ingests a 'funny' mushroom on his pregame pizza.

The Giants will beat Carolina in a very close game that will probably go into OT.

The Steelers will lose to Cincinnati, and many will cry. They should have kept Plaxico.

I'm just ecstatic about Dallas sitting it out.

Ted, you were cool 'til you dissed Dallas.....The Jets haven't won a Superbowl since like....ummm...the sixties. I'm just sayin'.
C'mon Papa, I gotta be about the hometown teams. In my experience, the Giants will do better with Dallas out of the way, not that it matters this season, but you learn to hate certain teams. The funny thing is that when i was a kid, back in the Newhouse, Pearson, Dorsett, Staubach, jones, Henderson (et al) seventies, I was all about Dallas. I had my 6th grade photo taken with a Staubach Jersey.

BTW, I am so cool.
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