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Friday, January 27, 2006



Sen. John Kerry is trying to gather support to block Judge Samuel Alito's nomination. As we know, Sen. Kerry couldn't gather support to save a drowning boy, but we'll see what happens. I'm looking forward to a filibuster. I think it's just about the only time a Senator actually earns the scads of money he or she dump in their hedge funds. Why do they need such expensive hedges anyway?

The Dems don't have enough votes to sustain a fillibuster.

Alito will be confirmed.

He will then have a victory party, at which he will hand out coat hangers.
He probably owns stock in a coat hanger manufacturing corp.
Do you think Kerry will pour mercury down his throat like Jimmy Stewart?
No but you can count on the opposition to fund a documentary claiming that he poured mercury down the throat of veitnam vets.
the gotham gal called hillary's office today. and got the typical double talk.


it is so hard to like anyone involved in politics
I sent her an e-mail last year. I got a response that seemed inhumanly fast. She's got a good staff of either the highest quality trained monkeys or Vitray programmed robots.

Did you try saying "Hey monkey bitch...."
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