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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Canucks! Yeah baby! Let's tally up shall we.

Tony's Thrashers - 18 wins, 17 losses, 3rd place in division (loser sun belt division), 9th in conference.

Hue's Wild - 19 wins, 17 losses, last place in division, 11th in conference.

My Canucks - 21 wins, 13 losses, 3rd place in division (same division as Wild), 7th in conference.

It's tough with Edmonton and Calgary in your division.

Seems like Ted picked the right team.

I, myself, am waiting for the Hurricanes to change back into the Whalers and come back home.
Ah but remember, it's a LONG season my brother...
Yeah looks like Ted picked the right team.

My wild have been doing great lately, just had a big win agaist Detriot (numero uno in the Western division), as well as back to backs wins against the Oilers. I think there was another recent win... um... oh yeah, New Years Eve we beat the Canucks!

It sucks having 3 Canadian Teams in our division. I wish the Canadian teams were a little more spread out in the divisions... yeah yeah, i'm making excuses.

My wild although, 11 in the division we've been playing very solid, and Gabrik is healty. Chinard is kicking ass. Both Rolly and Fernandez could be starting goalies for any team in the league.

Damn, I get talking about hockey and I could go on forever.

I try to be realistic about the Wild's Post season chances... or lack there of.

We play the the Canucks 3 more times in the regular season (all 3 are in Vancouver). Tonight we have the Lanche in town.
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