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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


By the end of the month, Football will be over. Enter Hockey. I have compiled a short list of things the NHL needs to do to survive, as it's in bad shape. If they'll listen to me, we can straighten out this mess.

If the pond in your backyard doesn't freeze over during winter, you can't play hockey. Say goodbye to your Thrashers Tony, goodbye to all the teams below the snow belt. No Dallas, LA, Orlando....is there a team there?

Anyway, hockey can't survive in warm weather. Indeed, and that brings us to my second point. The season is too damn long. Give us a break. Here's a handy equation: USA = ADD. And again, if the pond in your back yard isn't frozen, you can't play. No more hockey during warm weather. The hockey season should be based on the temperature in Edmonton. As soon as the ponds around Edmonton freeze - game on! Come the thaw, playoffs. I'd say 5 months tops.

And take the helmets back off. Hockey was much cooler without helmets.

That's about it for now.

Both hockey and baseball seasons are way too long I will agree, but no hockey south of the snow belt I can't endorse. The long season makes for a pre-all star season of monotonous sissy play for the most part.

The Thrashers (currently kicking major ass after completely tanking the first part of the season) are a major draw and put 12,000 fannies in the seats even after they get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

The real problem with hockey, and I think Roger Waters would agree, is it's so fucking expensive. I've said it before, if it weren't for comp tickets from business associates I'd never get to see them. A vendor I do business with took myself and my employees to a game before Xmas. He set us up in the sweet rich people section. I happen to get his receipt in my ticket envelope and each seat was $100. I'd pay that to see the Jets lose if they were good seats, but it's just too much for three periods of hockey. Since hockey doesn't translate well to TV, the gate is the only big revenue stream.

BTW... The new rules for this season totally and completely rule!
I blame it all on global warming.

If we could cool the Earth down, say, 20 degrees, the Hockey season would be just the right length. You may even be able to lengthen it!

The biggest problem is that Hockey is great live and not so great on TV, as Tony says. I was a season ticket holder for Cornell hockey for a few years, and it was a blast (and a hell of a lot cheaper than $100 a seat).
You said it... College hockey is a fucking blast!!! God I want to move back north...
The season isn't long enough.

It snows until may in parts of minnesota.

The new rules are awesome, but I think they should add my rule... I the goalie leaves his area, you can AND SHOULD knock him on his arse.

Helmet optional is a great idea.

Another great rule would be: In a game, the team's goalie with the worse record isn't allowed to wear any face protection - I think it would make them play harder.

finally, all pro sports are getting too expensive, I had to wait in line for 12 hours overnight to get my tickets to 4 games to see my beloved Wild... since there is really no bad seat at the Excel Center (as long as you're not afraid of heights) The nose bleeder seats are very reasonable.

Every Wild game is televised, and if you are lucky enough to get the Canadian Television Network (like me) you get HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA (That's Saturday night).

Great blog, hockey needs to be televised more.
What Hue said... Waiting in line for 12 hours in Minnisota is a brutal thing to have to endure. Snowing in May? Not wanting to go THAT far north.

Off with the helmets already.

BTW... Te worst thing that happended to collegiate hockey was the zero tolerance for fighting. What incredible bullshit.
First of all, hockey is the best sport to watch, hands down.

Second of all, just think of it as an 80 game pre-season.

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