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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Is this a matter of the West not being sensitive to Islam (formerly Isalm), or are they just insane. I don't know.

What the hell is Isalm?
It's like Lip Balm, but a bit dusty.

The ONLY lip treatment endorsed by Muhammad.

Mohammed has an exclusive endorsement deal with Chap-Stick.
Mohammed and Susie...

You know, I remember the cat people getting all upset over "Tom and Jerry" too. It seems like cartoons just tear us apart.
"Hi, I'm the Prophet Mohammed. You know, sometimes when I am slicing the heads of the infidels in the desert, my lips get really chapped. That's why I use Chap-Stick. It's the only lip balm that doesn't contain mind-control drugs cooked up by the Jews!"
Some of these comments are examples of why so many Muslims feel disrespected.
You people should be VERY careful.
We disrepect everyone equally here.

I am often the one who defends Muslims against the stereotypes that often fly around.

Of course, these comments are our attempts at humor. The riots over the cartoons seem to be about the visual representation of Mohammed, which we have not taken part in.

We do, and will, continue to say whatever we want.
Please....we're riffing on a typo for chrissakes! I misspelled Islam, and it rhymed with lip balm - sheesh.

Attention Planet Earth - calm the fuck down, get a sense of humour, and listen to more Pink Floyd!
Oh please, Denmark. Buy a sense of humor.
What do the Danes have agains Mohammed Ali? i mean he was the Greatest!

If they want to hate on someone, why not hate on Will Smith for playing Ali in the movie.
Dave, I don't need to purchase a sense of humor, you just need to stop attempting to be funny...it's not working. BTW, Muslims don't like the prophet to be disrespected in ANY way. I'm sure that doesn't mean much to most of you, but this is much more than people being pissed at a cartoon.
While Denmark is right about all this, at the same time that's what's wrong about all this.

Far too many people, in this country, and across the world, simply cannot laugh at themselves.

I'm glad I don't have that problem.
Jackson, I'm with you...I have no problem with making fun of myself or religion(we need to rescue God from it)...I also know how to be sensitive to certain things. You must understand the Muslim world's perception. You cannot apply your "free speech" attitude to them and expect them to just accept the mocking and stereotyping of Muhammed as a terrorist (although they're living up to the stereotype by settin' shit on fire)...I'm just sayin'...
What we have here is a classic case of the incompatibility of Islam and true American style freedom. I'm afraid as crass and ill advised the publishing of the cartoons were, Muslims are going to have to deal with the concept of free speech somehow or they will never be fully embraced by the rest of the world (oh yeah, lets not forget the whole women as second class citizens thing either).

On the other hand, I don't see much difference in this situation as that of the "Piss Chirst" thing. It's outrageous and insulting to Christians and even resulted in a few death threats and such, but it came to pass without the world coming to an end over it.

I think it's pretty dicked out to purposely instigate and antagonize others simply because you legally can and that's the stand being made by these papers over there as it was with the Piss Christ exhibit. I guess the only difference is, and where the incompatibility comes to bare, is that I support the "artists" right to be a dick and just do my best to ignore it, and the Islamist seem to do what everybody expects, wreak violence.
Denmark -

Hey, I've got an idea, if Muslims are so sensitive about being mocked for blaming everything on the Jews, how about their leaders stop, uh, blaming everything on the Jews?

I know that would be a novel concept.
Denmark -

Yes, actually I CAN apply my freedom of speech concept to them and then condemn them for burning foreign embassies. Violence is not free speech. If they want to boycott Danish goods, more power to them. It is the violence that is unacceptable.
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