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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Chris' impending sojourn to Hong Kong got me thinking again about one of my favorite trip ideas - the Cheese Tour.

First we stop in Cheddar, located in Sommerset, England. Besidses the Cheese they have a Gorge with caves you can explore.

Next stop, Jarlsberg, Norway. Mmmmm

Norway is also the home of Ekte Gjetost. A cheese favored by Goerge Vitray, and yours truly.

ekte gjetost

We'll swing by Sweden for some SCANDIC GRAND FONTINA, and to say 'hi' to Chris' relatives.

In Denmark we'll check out some Esrom, or Danish Port Salut.........

..........as well as some Havarti. Havarti is named after the farm in Denmark where Hanne Nielsen first made it.

Leaving Denmark heading south we hit Germany. First stop, Tilsit.

This cheese was discovered by Dutch cheesemakers, living in Tilsit which was then in East Prussia. Next stop, Limburg.

This is a very stinky and salty German washed rind cheese. While there we can visit the Schaumburg Castle.

Ahh, the Dutch. We'll visit Edam, Holland.


After which we'll stop by Gouda.

So many Cheeses, too little time. We'll have to hit France, Switzerland, and Italy on a seperate tour.

Let's just hope all of the tourists on the tour don't get too bound up...

BTW, my relatives in Sweden (I have a shit ton of them... oh wait, they're metric. I guess I have a metric shit tonne) LOVE to get visitors from the US. Apparantly all Americans who visit get their own personal Swedish Bikini Team and Complementary Volvo, or something like that.
this is one of the best posts ever. it totally made my day.

Very nice, and so timely. You see, I am going on the Glutton Free Casein free diet with my son... (no wheat. no dairy). For no other reason than I don't want to him to have to do it alone.

I'll print a copy of this post for when I'm jonesin for some cheese.

good job.
Chris -

Let's go to Sweden so I can search for the future Mrs. Cavalier.

You forgat to meantion the greatest cheese ever: Gov'ment Cheese.
Now that I have my SHINY NEW PASSPORT I'm ready to go to Sweden whenever you like, Dave.
I'm totally not kidding. Turns out that I have a weakness for tall, athletic blonde women with blue eyes. Go figure. I used to, uh, "date" a Norwegian woman and DAMN!

Let's get out schedules out and plan a trip. I will help arrange boarding for the assorted doodle dogs involved.
I'll be happy to take care of any Doodles whilst people are away.

Gov'ment cheese will be on the American cheese tour.
Grab yer poop bags and hide the Heartguard!

Ted with two Beagles and a Brooklyn Doodle... could be a reality show.
We'll make a record. "Doodle All The Day"
I'd recommend keeping Maggie and George away from each other during mixing. Likely to be some clashes there if you aren't careful.
Dave, do they like Guiness? How about fish? Just thinking.....
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