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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Looks like I have reason to be. Brown shirts on the way......

Jackson's State of the Union: "We're fucked."

You can arrest me now you facist fuckheads.

Read this:


It will give you a better perspective on this incident. Let me know what you think. Sounds like her dismissal from the peanut gallery was consistant with the rule of law regarding "free speech" inside the capital building.
Apparently there's no such thing as free speech inside the Capitol Building. That just adds to my list of what's wrong.

As for Clinton's removal of a man wearing an anti-Clinton ball cap, the cap called out Bill by name and said 'He Sucks'.

Cindy Sheehan's shirt did not mention the President at all.
Splitting hairs here. The bottom line is that there are rules that govern protest activity in public buildings as silly as that sounds. The capitol police inforced them in a manner consistant with what they've done through many administrations and SOTU's.

If you read the Balloon Juice post all the way through, there is some good dialog and info regarding what seems to be a silly law forbiding this type of expression inside the very halls of democracy. Having had to host public meetings myself, I have a serious respect for the Roberts Rules of Order which one commenter cites as a reason for such a law ("...School board calls a meeting to discuss text books and nothing gets done because people want to discuss abortion.") That makes sense to me having been in meetings that go that way. It's counterproductive.

On the other hand, I'm not quite sure why wearing a shirt with a slogan on it would be disruptive on it's own. The lady in the "Support Our Troops" shirt was tossed too.

Again, I'm interested to see more on this law, but I'm convinced that it has nothing to do with this administration or certainly Cynthia Sheehan. Hell, I'd be willing to bet that this law was passed by bipartisan majority many years ago while W was still getting drunk and showing up (or not showing up if you believe Dan Rather's fake documents) to his reserve unit in AL with a hangover.

Yes indeed, you are parinoid.
Okay fine, but I got you with the Presidents comment about 9/11...

I'm still paranoid, and I can spell it correctly.

Cheap shots are the haven of the refuted.

I can't read all of trhe Ballon Jiuce article, I'm too busy blogging...

Ever notice how the word verification sometimes looks like actual words, the one I'm seeing now, 'oonpwwi' sounds Hawaiian.
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