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Thursday, February 09, 2006


I didn't watch, I was with Chris and Just One actually making music. Somebody's gotta be on the clock. Anyway, it seems this year we saved some face, and gave some face.

You know I'm loving this. Sly 'mutherfunking' Stone does it up with a Jackson approved hairdo.

And this guy, along with his band, shut down the Mimi Machine. Nice! It's always good when an artist, or a group of artists win over a media whore record company trophy slut.

There may be hope for us all America.

Sly's "tribute" was some of the worst shit I've heard in a minute...The man needs to lay off the drugs...He showed up for about 2 minutes and walked off before the "jam" was done...Pretty damned sad...Mariah sCarey sounded like shit...Madonna lip-synched...Hey at least Junior Gong won TWO trophies (although I still believe that award shows are some bullshit)
U2 and Mary J. were awesome.

Paul McCartney was responsible for one of the best and one of the worst moments of the night.

1. Paul's great moment - Helter Skelter
2. Paul's horrible moment - joining Jay Z and Linkin Park to destroy the song "Yesterday" Gotta love Jay Z's part... the occational "yeah" and "uh huh"... was he doing Harrison's part or something?

I was very pleased MIMI didn't win all 8 categories, Even more pleased Mimi lost to American Idol vet, Kelly Clarkston.

Mariah has HUGE man hands.

Jamie Foxx... someone needs to hit him on the head with that Oscar he won. I am SO tired of Jamie Foxx... BRING BACK THE UGLY WANDA CHARACTER.

the show was better than past shows, but I still hate the grammy's. Nobody from my top 5 CDs were represented.
Say what you will, but Mariah can sing. We may hate her choice of music, etc, but she's got talent.

I love U2, but they are bigger media whores than Mariah. Of course, they're U2, so it's OK.
A media whore who can back up their whoredom with a record of songs they wrote and actually played is, I beleive, called an artist. We're all media whores, Mariah happens to be a label slut as well.
Dude, spell check.

Anyhow, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Well, actually, I do understand it. U2 are artists because they wrote and played on their record, and Mariah is not because she didn't write the songs, only sang them?

So I guess Elvis isn't an artist?

Dionne Warwick?

Dion and the Belmonts, for that matter? Any doo-wop group?

How about classical musicians? They don't write their own material. Not artists?

You say a media whore who writes their own material is an artist. What a bizarre definition. What if their material is shitty? Are they still an artist just because they played?

And since when isn't the human voice an instrument? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's actually the very first musical instrument.

Plenty of real artists aren't media whores, and plenty of media whores aren't artists. I'm also not sure what "we're all media whores" even means. I'm not a media whore.

I'm not "defending" Mariah (there's no reason to defend her). But knee jerk reactions like "that girl is a whore because she's a successful female singer who doesn't write her own material"... come on, you're better than that.
No, I'm not, and spell check yourself, I don't have time. In fact, I'd have to write my comments in word, spell check, and then paste in the comments, sorry no time for that at all.

If you don't get my drift, I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

BTW - you sound like my girlfriend. Maybe you should practice law.

Elvis was a complete label slut, non artist, rip off, con job.

Classical musicians are automatons.

I think Dion and the Belmonts are actually responsible for writing and arranging some of their recordings.

You may not be a media whore. I'm game if anybody will let me.
didn't mean to make you cry.

I realize you've got a real tight schedule, what with all of the podcasting and blogging you need to get in, it's a wonder you even have time to podcast and blog...
Will you stop yelling? I'm trying to get some podcasting and blogging in here.....Sheesh!

By the way, I'd like to thank Tony Alva for re-introducing me to 'Sheeesh!". I love "Sheesh!". Ever since I started blogging I've been leery about the whole "LOL" thing, or "OMG", and all the punctuation play :$

I find "Sheesh" works well.
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