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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Chris is going to Hong Kong next week. I think it's very exciting. Hong Kong is certainly a very interesting place. Unlike the disputed Taiwan, Hong Kong is part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which includes Hong Kong Isalnd, Lantau Island, and a peninsula conected to the mainland, namely the Guangdong Province, called The New Territories. Taken over by England after the Opium Wars, Hong Kong flourished as an international trade zone under the Brittish, and continues to do so today under Chinese rule. Hong Kong is the world's 5th largest banking center.

"Hong Kong's continued economic success is thanks to the government's basic policy of minimum intervention and maximum support for businesses. Practices of low taxation, a free and fair market competition, an orthodox legal and financial framework, a fully convertible and secure currency, a highly efficient network of transport and communication, a skilled workforce, the enterprising spirit of locals, a high degree of internationalization, and cultural openness has opened doors to the country's economic growth and stability.

Life forms existed more than 6,000 years ago at many sites along the winding shoreline of Hong Kong.

The Portuguese were the first to reach China in 1555, but the British dominated foreign trade in the southern region of Guangzhou (Canton) during the early stages of Western connection in China.

The British East India Company tried to equalize its huge purchases from China by doubling its sale of opium to the Chinese. The sale of opium saw a huge success by the beginning of the 19th Century. Fearful of the outflow of silver, the Chinese emperor banned the drug trade in 1799 but to no avail. Smuggling came about as neither foreign traders nor Guangdong merchants were inclined to forego the profitable business. Throughout the next few years, the British enjoyed a fruition of success from opium. When they lost monopoly of the trade, other foreign traders stepped into the illegal opium business for a share of wealth." - www.marimari.com

While Chris is in Hong Kong, not only can he discover the rich cultural history of the region, but he can also visit Honk Kong Disneyland!

Chris can also visit The Wisdom Path.

Near the Giant Buddha.

Or, Chris can enjoy the variety of cuisine available around Honk Kong.

I hope Chris' associates in Hong Kong take him out and show him a good time. It's the least thay can do after all those e-mails.

Indeed, the best part of the trip will be that I won't have to read the emails they're sending me. Instead they can yell at me in person.

I guess I should start blogging about the trip.

Not only am I going to Hong Kong, but will be traveling into China for a few days.

According to the Chinese Embassy's website, no one with a mental disorder is allowed into China.

I hope they don't read my blog before granting me my visa...
"Blog? What Blog? I don't know what you're talking about."
Being a socialist, I would think they'd welcome me with open arms.

"These are not the bloggers you're looking for."
Time to get the papers

get the papers
Being a socialist, I would think they'd welcome me with open arms.

"These are not the bloggers you're looking for."
My only hangup about Aisian culture is their lack of Cheese.
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