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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Dan Baird is a genius. This album is the proof. Start to finish, it's the greatest album ever made by a gap toothed hillbilly with a telecaster, and there's been a lot of those.

Highlights include every damn song on this life changing LP.

Clarkie's mention of Dangerous Dan inspired me to pull the copy of this that you gave me and have been tuning out to it in the car. Chuck Taylor clad foot aflappin'... He is the man!
Here's another genius with a Telecaster.
That's some serious wailing Prince is gettin' on with there, but I don't think he's worn a pair of Chuck Taylor Coverse All Stars since his fourth grade gym class.
Of course not. He would if they made high heel versions, since he's only about three feet tall.
not available on Amazon, emusic, iTunes, or Rhapsody.

that's what's wrong with the music business.

they had up to $15 of my money in their hands but there is nobody to give it to?

any ideas?
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