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Monday, February 27, 2006


I took the test. Normally I take these things for fun, and with a massive grain of salt. I scored a 135 on an on-line IQ test. I'm doubtful of the accuracy of that test. Fred hipped me to the Personal DNA test on his blog. Here's my score.

Funny... I took the test and all it said was, "You're Man. Spelled M-A-N child. You are a natural born lover's man..."
Do you make love to a woman in five minutes time?
Mine said I have a huge cock...

wait no.. Mine said I'm a dreamer, which doesn't look as good as encouraging leader.
I'm an "animated experiencer." I sure this thing isn't just some new way to generate your porn indian name?
I hope not, because I'm a 'reserved inventor'.
Encouraging Leader is a lot like cheer leader.
Mine came back as "Misanthrope."
I'm an Animated Idealist...

My Personal Dna Report

...AKA a crazy ass liberal.
nice femininity scores!
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