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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Checking in with the Hockey.

Tony's Thrashers: 23/24, 11th in conference.
Hue's Wild: 25/24, 11th in conference
Jackson's Canucks: 30/18, 5th in conference

Who is Stanley anyway? I mean, his cup will be in Vancouver later this year, so I'd just like to know.

In an effort to establish my hockey fandom on a honest, factual basis, I have consented to be interviewed by myslef:

Jackson: What is 'icing'?

Ted: I'm not sure.

Jackson: Name a Canuck.

Ted: Todd Bertuzzi.

Jackson: Name another.

Ted: I can't.

Jackson: Have you ever seen the Canucks play?

Ted: No.

Jackson: What was the last NHL game you went to?

Ted: I haven't ever been to a NHL game.

Jackson: When was the last game you saw on TV.

Ted: The whole game?

Jackson: Yes, the whole game.

Ted: I haven't ever watched an entire NHL game.

Jackson: When was the last time you were in Vancouver?

Ted: I have never been to Vancouver.

Jackson: Have you ever played hockey?

Ted: Yes.

Jackson: How long ago?

Ted: 1976.

Jackson: What do you have to say for yourself?

Ted: Go Canucks!

The birds have hit a slump after looking so good there for a stretch. Hopefully the break will allow them to right the ship.
On a side note, I was visiting the Legal Diva down in DC this weekend. We went to our favorite pub, Fado's, it's a chain of Irish joints, Bono's brother is involved, anyway, it's located next to the MCI Center in downtown DC. I saw all these guys wearing Capitols jerseys, and realized that there was a game at the MCI Center. Apparently, sometime over the past twenty years Hockey and Basketball have moved back into DC proper. I think it's good for DC, and would be for any city, to get the sports teams back within city limits, brining jobs and income back to failing communities. ATL has it set up that way, right? New York needs to do the same.
Carolina's in first.

Most wins in the NHL.

Go Whalers! Go Whalers!! GO WHALERS!!!
Burger King changed their fish sandwich from the Whaler to the Big Fish, I wonder if that happened the same year Connecticut lost their hockey.
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