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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A word not previously in my vocabulary. It's in there now. Chris and Dave, I'm sorry, but I am abandoning you. As of today, February 1, 2006, I am no longer a smoker. Let me qualify that. I am no longer a tobacco smoker.

I remember, fondly, my first smoke. Outside the teen club with Linda R. That was in 1981. By 1984 I was a pack a day smoker. Twenty-two years is long enough, it's time.

Tonight will be tough. If I can get through a session with Geek Farm without smoking, well then I can go all the way I suppose.

Good for you Theo!!! Do your best. If you falter, get right back on the wagon again. You've been through tougher and that matters a lot. It can be done, and it's worth it my man.
I got no problem with this. I barely smoke unless I am at Smoke & Mirrors. Tobacco is evil!
Good luck Ted!

Dave, don't you own Philip Morris stock?
Nothing is tougher than this. It's easy to not be around heroin, it's impossible to escape tobacco.
I actually made a killing on Philip Morris stock in 2000-2001. The stock was weighed down on litigation fears that were unfounded.

Haven't owned any since.

BTW, it's called "Altria" now.
I just saw this now. How did it go? I don't remember seeing you smoking last night.
That's because I didn't smoke last night. After you left, I tried to bum one off Chris, he ridiculed me until the craving passed.

Now that's a friend!
Tobacco doesn't kill people, tobacco users kill people, especially if they're jonesing for a smoke.

I applaud Ted. Last night he asked me for just one smoke and I said "No! I'll get Tony Alva on the phone!"

He ended up not wanting one.

So Dave made a bunch of $ on Philip Morris stock... and then says tobacco is evil.

Let's talk Moral Relativism.
Tony would have gotten a call, except it was past his bedtime.
My old pal A. Whitney Brown concurs with Ted - 'tis far easier to kick Heroin than cigarettes.

I guess that means "Trainspotting" was just a bunch of hooey.

Don't be afraid to call me anytime if it'll keep him from caving. I can help talk him down with you.

Now thinking like a wiley conspiracy theorist left wingnut, I can see your motivation in Ted quitting. Yes, I'm onto you pal. Don't think you're fooling anybody.

You want his orange lighters don't you? Yep, you don't care about his health or well being, it's all about upgrading your lighters from the clear ones that Ted hates.
Much like podcasting, I don't care about Ted's health or well being.

As far as his Orange Lighters go - considering Ted will not be quitting ALL of his smoking activities, I don't believe the fabled lighters will be made mine.

My real motiviation is to watch him lose his shit.
Well don't give up then, there are many ways to to part a man from his lighters. Any chance of catching any of Ted losing his shit on video? You've got that badass camera thingy set up at the studio still don't you?
I can't find my shit....where's my shit? Who stole my shit?

My shit is missing!!!!!!!
See? Entertaining!
How many times have I told you to put your shit away or you were going to lose it...
Ted's always leaving his shit around, if he doesn't lose it I end up slipping on it and falling down.
Wait a minute. Did this whole quitting thing come about because of your orange lighter(s) getting stolen?
No. It came about because i have found, late in life, that I don't want to die.
How sweet, Ted doesn't want to die.

good luck my friend. I quit riding the Camels in 2000. it was one the toughest things I have ever done.

if you find yourself having trouble, get in touch with me, I have an excellent stop smoking program.
A great quitting tip: When you find yourself needing something to do with your hands while fighting a craving, find a pair of boobies and fondle them instead.

Don't listen to Chris, he's still got 7-8 years of good smoking in him before he has to quit.
Unfortunately, smoking at the studio is one of the hardest things to quit, and the only boobies around out there would be George's...

Put THAT on yer webcam.
Definately a lack of boobies at S&M. I'm doing well though, mostly eating a lot.
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