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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Texarkana - Out of Time
I Remember California - Green
Oddfellows Local 151 - Document
These Days - Life's Rich Pageant
Turn You Inside Out - Green
Fireplace - Document
Country Feedback - Out of Time
Just a Touch - Life's Rich Pageant
Driver 8 - Fables of the Reconstruction
Don't Go Back To Rockville - Reckoning

"Fall on Me" from Pagent, arguably their greatest tune ever.


"Leave" from New Adventures in Hi-Fi, the most underrated REM record.
"Imitation of Life" from Reveal is an f'ing great one as well. The chorus is so uplifting...

this sugarcane
this lemonade
this hurricane, i’m not afraid.
c’mon c’mon no one can see me cry
this lightning storm
this tidal wave
this avalanche, i’m not afraid.
c’mon c’mon no one can see me cry
Very good list. The only one's I'd add are "Begin the Begin" from Life's Rich Pageant, and the Unplugged version of "Disturbance At The Heron House".

I remember singing in this blues band with some older guys and me and the guitar player loved that Begin the Begin tune. If there was a lull during rehearsal, he'd fire off the intro lick, let it crescendo into that killer feed back trail before I'd breakout with the "Birdie in the hand, for life's rich demand..." bark.

The other dudes would be aghast not knowing who REM even was. They'd give

LRP is their most rockin'est record.
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