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Thursday, February 02, 2006


Frank Zappa's 1976 release Zoot Allures is so good that you are an idiot if you don't run out now and buy it. If you already have it, you should run home now and listen to it.

"I got a girl with a little rubber head
Rinse her out every night just before I go to bed
She never talk back like a lady might do
And she looks like she loves it every time I get through" - Ms. Pinky

Oh yeah.

For me, this is the most listenable Zappa record. I know hardcore Zappa fans would not agree at all, but I love it. I like the Live At The Filmore record, but it's not one that you can put on repeat and hear it back to back.

This is song might offend you some
And if you think it does it's because you're dumb
That's the way it is where I come from
And if you think that too, let me see your thumb
Show me your thumb that you're really dumb
Hey now, better make a decision
Be a moron and keep your position
You gotta know now all your education
Or else let me know how you're gonna
Wind up working in a gas station
Pumping the gas every night

Many the camper wants to buy some bite
Like everything else in life, my opinion on Frank is based on the Velvet Underground...

Lou Reed on Frank Zappa: "He's probably the single most untalented person I've heard in my life. He's a two-bit pretentious academic, and he can't play rock'n'roll, because he's a loser. And that's why he dresses up funny. He's not happy with himself and I think he's right."

Sterling Morrison: "If you told Frank Zappa to eat shit in public, he'd do it if it sold records. I would do it if I like to."
If you lived your life through Lou's opinions, I dare say you'd have a fairly shitty life.

Lou and Sterling were upset because the Mothers out-drew the Velvets on the Velvets own turf.

Being that nobody cared much for the Velvets at the time, it's a wonder Lou doesn't hate verybody, wait, he does....
Damn, that's some serious hatin' by Lou. What happen, did Frank spurn Lou's sexual advances or something?

Frank was a serious hater himself. Not once did I ever hear him say anything positive about any other musician. Most of the time he just mocked everybody, which can be fun as we all know, but it was sort of his only thing. I attended the PMRC debate at Annapolis MD where Tipper Gore stared down the likes of Dee Snyder, Zappa, Blackie Lawless, etc… over parental warning stickers on records. The local news carried much more coverage of the thing than the nat’l network news did, but I heard Zappa do nothing but make fun and ridicule Dee and the others in front of the cameras as he was leaving the venue. Not that it’s so easy NOT to ridicule Dee Snyder and Blackie Lawless, but shit man they were there to help with the cause and honestly Dee Snyder presented the most articulate arguments.
Zoot is great, I'm a huge fan of Frank.

His libray is more comprehensive than Lou's will EVER be. I love Lou as well too but damn, that's some serious hating.

Shut Up and Play your Guitar, Broadway the Hardway, Jazz from Hell.. all three are great works, and all completely different.

One of my all time favorite songs by Frank is "Jazz Discharged Party Hats"....
Lou Reed is a prickly individual.

The Velvets hated Frank 'cause they were both on MGM/Verve and the Velvet Underground and Nico was shelved for almost a year because the label didn't want to release it at the same time as "Freak Out."

Apparently the Mothers' management was a big part of this happening...

Anyhow, I doubt Lou would have hit on Frank. Not really his type.

Mocking everything was Zappa's whole game. That and songs you can't hum...
Lou Reed has chunks of people like Frank Zappa in his stool.

Just once - once - I'd like to hear a Zappa tune that isn't a joke. Could the guy EVER say anything serious? Why was everything about the nudge nudge wink wink... it seems like such a copout.
Exactly... Very popular with the brainiac stoner elite when I was in high school. The Frank diehards would of course diss anything me and my friends were listening to. I even remember debating guitar skills with one of these Frank snobs after Van Halen's first album came out. I was asking this guy in study hall, "OK, so you don't like hard rock, but you gotta admit this Van Halen guy is doing something new and can play pretty damn good?" The Frank freak insisted that it was nothing but crap. My perspective of Frank has never changed because of this prevailing Frank fan mentality at least with some.
Lou's stool contains many things I'd rather not discuss.

To be a Lou fan and dismiss another artist because he's a jerk is fairly pathetic.

Frank and Lou are almost the same guy, they both grew up in middle-class suburbia, suffered religious mothers, were doo-wop freaks, they were outsiders who suffered at the hands of a society that didn't understand them, and they both got their start writing and producing novelty records in the early sixties.

I can understand why people don't like Frank, but I like the potty mouth sardonic lyrics about how everyone is wierd and stupid. He may be incapable of writing 'serious' lyrics, but the music is very serious, and like Hue says, there's plenty of instrumental Zappa to listen to if you don't like the 'Illinois Enema Bandid' type stuff.

In the end, I'd say have a mind of your own, and let Lou be Lou, and you be you.

It's fine to hate, just hate from your own place.
Sorry Ted, I know that you NEVER have strong opinions on musicians and their music.

(By the way, Lou Reed's mother was not religious.)

I can, and will, dismiss any artist I want to, whether or not they're a jerk. To say this is "fairly pathetic" because of all the things you've heard about Lou Reed being a jerk is a bit strong, but that's how it goes at Savage Distortion. Have an opinion that disagrees with Ted, get called pathetic. I guess if we're not extoling the virtues of Tedstock we shouldn't be here.

Obviously you didn't get the joke when I said all of my world views are based on the Velvet Underground. I hated Zappa years before I even bought my first Velvets record or read any of their quotes about Zappa.

I'm a big boy, I can have opinions all by myself!

As I've said before, I have no time for ironic rock.

Believe it or not, I form my opinions on my own. I just thought Lou and Sterling's words were entertaining.

I'm also looking for where I said Zappa was a jerk, and I can't find it (perhaps you could illuminate me). And I think Tony was refering to his fans being jerks...
Rough morning?
My morning's been fine, thank you very much. Being called pathetic by you is what set me off.

It's been a rough week, but I don't expect you'd understand that.
Of course I understand that.

This has gotten all too personal.

I hate that.
Hey man, calling someone's actions "fairly pathetic" is a good way to make it personal.

Enough. I'm done.
This is whole thing is fairly pathetic.

Okay, I just had to say it.

I think we can all agree on that.
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