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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


That's how I scored on my cholesterol test. I was a walking time bomb. The doctor strongly recommended medication therapy. I took the opportunity to check out a drug I helped launch in Hawaii back in 2003, and have spent quite a bit of time listening to the sales leadership of AstraZeneca discuss since then. I'm talking about Crestor (rosouvostatin), which is the only drug in it's class proven to reduce plaque on arterial lining. Cool. I'll keep you posted. I'm on 10mg per day, eventually I'll end up at 40mg, if I tolerate it well. I might see some muscle weakness. If so, I may have to switch over to the other guy...you know who....big blue. Lipitor, Pfizer's statin, is less effecatious, but better tolerated, and it's covered on more health plans. We shall see.

Crestor packs an awesome buzz at 40mgs/day. Be sure to break out some Cocteau Twins when you are peaking.
And if you start to feel weird, just put on some Allman Brothers.
I just saw the Allman Brothers last week. Cool show.

Damn, Ted! I'm glad at least this was caught and you're dealing with it. Just let me know when you want to check out some vege restaurants.
HOLY FREOLY! Thank god this religion you've caught onto about your health prompted your visit. We need you around brother...
Is 304 bad?

So this isn't like a math test, where a higher score is better?

I thought Ted had messed up the curve.
Wow, you're one hell of a bowler. How'd you knock down four extra pins? That's hot.
I KNOW Chrispy is referencing that skit from SNL where Dan Akroyd is playing Jimmy Carter.
Indeed, that's a brilliant sketch. Brilliant.
I think Dan Akroyd was actually doing Tom Snyder - the original Late Show.
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