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Monday, March 20, 2006


So, as far as the Trash Bar is concerned, we're out of luck for the 20th. The only day we can get there in April is the 24th - a Monday.

So - I ask you, what do you think? A Monday at Trash - a totally convenient locale, and a venue we have history with, or someplace else that we don't know we can even get?

Other related news:

Hue B. Mooksuki is going to try and make the show.

Hazmat, Chrispy and I have put a band together for the show - Ex Condoleezza. I think Hazmat is still working on the correct spelling. We will do an assortment of covers and originals. I have written one song for the band, the title of which I borrowed from my brother - 'Internet Axis of Evil'. Here's a verse:

'They got a spam-o-gram just for you
Tell you what they gonna do
They'll send out a virus
That get's down inside us
When we Google our Yahoo-oo'

Anyway, I'm leaning toward the devil we know (Trash Bar) on a Monday - but I want to hear from you - the public.

I think Ex-Con Doleezza would work best.

Either way, I really don't think Trash Bar is convenient, unless you're talking about within Williamsburg. For people in Manhattan they have to get to an L train (if it's even running that night) and for southern Brooklyn people we have to get a G train, which isn't the most predictable thing. Just saying. Of course I'm up for anything.
I am not talking about your conenience, or anyone else for that matter, it's convenient to the studio! I anticipate suplying some gear - not on the same scale as TEDSTOCK, but certainly an amp or two and some ancillary drum gear.

Southern Brooklyn people would do well to suggest an alternative.
Gotcha. I really have no suggestions down my way. There's Magnetic Field, but it's not really convenient to a subway. My choice for location of course would be the Village, but I know the deal with that. What about something weird like the Orange Bear or something? As Happy Boy's #1 fan, I saw you guys there.

Assuming all things workout, I might be able to assist in the gear moving dept. If Mrs. Alva can agree on dates that coincide with this gig, I'll rent a vehicle conducive to moving some gear.

My thoughts...
Very much appreciated Tony. I hope to make a decision today.
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