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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Caesar was a pragmatist, and he paid for it.

Anyway, March 15 is also notable in that my niece Emily and my good friend Pat Wilson were both born on that day.

Speaking of Pat, he's been stolen. A framed photo of Pat (the guy with the fish) adorned the hall of 11 Hope Street for years now, and suddenly, last week, it went missing.


Assholes indeed! I always liked that pic. You had it above the doorway in the living room in the place in West Nyack, didn't you? Are you asking around to try and find it? Maybe it was just taken down for some stupid reason and they person didn't know whose it was? I hope?
We've out up some signs, but I think we need to branch the search out.

Who would take Pat Wilson? A low life scumbag, that's who.

Here's what we do (I got this from Pee Wee Herman). We offer a reward, and when the person returns it we KICK HIS ASS.
Wha the!? This is bullshit!!! Is nothing sacred anymore? Who the fuck would steal this? Is Ace with the Wafflehouse Hat OK? Maybe it's those guys with the AMEK console across the hall.
The more I think about it, the more I feel it was Martens.....Austria, being a land locked country has serious fish envy.
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