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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Alright gang. There's been a call to arms on two accounts:

1) An April Autism Awareness show.

April is Autism Awareness Month. Hazmat and Chrispy have pointed out the obvious. I will go by Trash Bar tomorrow and see if we can find a night in April to do it. I know I'll be in New Orleans the last weekend of April, and I'd like to be at the show, so time is kinda tight. If anybody has an alternative venue that we can score at a late date, get in touch.

I haven't spoken to any bands yet, but my feeling is that we can probably arrange a kick ass line-up real quick. Bands that come to mind include, but are not limited to:

Geek Farm
Strikes Again
The X's
Chris Pace's Solo Album
Ted Wishes He Was Paul Westerberg Project

and many more....

2) Blizzard of Ozz Project

This is something we can do with a fair amount of ease. I know we still have to finish the Moving Pictures Project, and I'm 100% behind that project. Rob has the extended kit set up, and Dave seems itching to play, so let's book some time for that, and then let's do Blizzard. Tony can do the vocals in his sleep over a nasty liquor infused weekend, Dave can do Randy I'm sure......Machold is Machold......it's a no-brainer, and a great record.


I remember going down to Atlanta to visit Brain with Tony and Greg in '98. Mitch was there, and Brian's band (Kirk and Caldwell). Jamming ensued, and after 'Bastille Day' somebody started in with the organ intro to 'Mr. Crowley'. Greg and I were real drunk, and when the chorus came round we chimed in with: 'mister blow me'. We thought it was a gas.

Anyway, let's do a show, make some records...whaddya say?

Oh, I will do Blizzard ANY TIME.
I'm happy to supply Tony with the drugs and play whatever's needed.
The Alva's are planning a vist to NYC during April and it would be cool if the timing worked out so both my wife and I could be there.

Was it Plato or David Hasselhoff who was once heard to utter, "OH HELLS FUCKIN YEAH I"LL DO BLIZZARD".
Ted Wishes He Was Paul Westerberg Project??

That is a one of the best names for a band I have EVER heard.

This would rock ass, find out when, I will see If I can swing a trip to NYC on my frequent flyer tickets.

then I have to take time off of my three jobs... oh well , Autism Awareness and all that.
So we have a couple of things we can work around. Tony and Hue's schedules.

Anyone want to do a few songs under a name I thought of last night? Ex-Con Daleeza.
EX - Con Deleeza Rules! I love it!

It's all about the venue/time deal. I will do my very best.
Okay, Ex-Con Doleeza (finally got the spelling right) it is. Wanna do it? You on guitar, I on bass, and who else? Chris, wanna play drums?
Damn, still not.

Ex-Con Doleezza.
I'm in!!!

I'd love to play drums live at Trash.

We should rehearse.
What songs shall we play?
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