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Monday, March 20, 2006


The Legal Diva and I had the pleasure of dogsitting for the Daly's while Paul and Leslie were in Texas doing the SXSW thing. The access to a kitchen was welcomed, and taken full advantage of. We invited Chan over and cooked up a feast.

A lot of roughly chopped garlic.
One chopped onion

In a pan with a bit of oil - get that shit hot!

Next in the pan: 1 pear - diced, 1 eggplant - diced.

Two chicken breasts cut into strips - sear them in the pan.

Cover in chicken stock - let simmer.

Add sliced okra and roasted red pepper strips.

(Normally I roast my own peppers, but lately I've been lazy and using canned pimentos)

Now add your Byrinai paste - about 6 tablespoons. Any curry will do, I like the paste, or cubes.

Simmer down!

Makes it's own gravy!

(I've lost Chris.)

Now you've been making rice, right? About 5 minutes before the rice is ready, add eight perogies to the curry.

Serve over the rice with Nan on the side. A jar of chutney is nice to have as well.

Enjoy in good health. Eggplant and okra are natural cholesterol reducing agents.

Maybe I'll try this some time and just leave out the chicken.
This sounds like it would jam with sausage and shrimp too.
i love eggplant and okra..

This recipe looks like Da bomb!

you and the legal diva should do you very own video podcast cooking show, it would be very cool
It would be a great show with an awsome sound track! Definately a late night show - lots of drinking - smokin' weed.....
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