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Friday, March 31, 2006


The HyShot IV experimental scramjet successfully lifts off at the Woomera test range, 500 km (311 miles) north of Adelaide in South Australia March 20, 2006. The flight, conducted by the University of Queensland on commission for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), had a payload of 100 kg and was powered by a scramjet engine with an advanced fuel injector developed by JAXA. Photo taken March 20, 2006.  EDITORIAL USE ONLY NO ARCHIVES NO SALES REUTERS/Queensland University/Handout

Word on the street is that Tony Alva's Daughter was the test pilot during the development of Dave's new Mercedes Viking I.

Test Pilot Katie Alva was not available for comment, but sources close to the family report her as having said:

"C'mon guys..."

The Gas Guzzler Tax on this thing is outrageous.
You may want to find a trustworthy independent mechanic to take to also. The dealership is going to take you to the cleaners fixing that thing.
You are in for it, Tony Alva. God help you in ten years.
10 years! how about now. Even the cats are female in my house.
SSSH. Quiet Tony! We don't want to seem like we are complaining in front of Chris.
Naw, it's okay. Chris is an equal opportunity complainer. Just read his recent post on the definition of the Db.
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