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Saturday, March 11, 2006


It's lame duck time in DC, again. The GOP is hurriedly distancing itself from G.W. and the current gang at 1600 Pennsylvania. They're using the ports deal with the UAE as tool with which to logically put a barrier between themselves and the increasingly unpopular president. Two years ago, this wouldn't be the case. Two years ago the GOP would have presented a united front in defense of whatever silliness G.W. or his cronies wanted to put over. Not now. Now, because his time is nigh, we see the opposite. I almost feel bad for him. Almost.

It's amazing - I've seen polls that show a mojority of Americans are thinking the Dems should be in control of Congress.

How quickly it all changes. We were just defending the "out of touch Democrats" a few short weeks ago, and now it's the GOP...

Just goes to show what a load of bullcrap the whole thing is.

Get John McCain in there. He's the only one I think has the balls to actually clean DC up and end the popularity contest once and for all.
McCain has my vote too. He'd be a great president, albeit a cantankerous one. That could be his campiagn slogan: "Crabby but Honest".
"After 'Nam, this is Nothing"
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