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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It looks like I'll be heading to New Orleans at the end of April. I'm excited about the prospect, but a bit leery of what will be waiting for me. The idea of doing a business meeting down there is a nice gesture, though I'm not sold on the practical application yet. I am glad to get a chance to see for myself how good/bad things are going.

Bring me back a bloody mary, god damn you.
I love n.o. I hope you have a great time.

go get a lap dance at Big Daddy's, and don't forget the 2am lucky dog!
That's Jazzfest time, y'know.
I'm aware of the Jazz fest overlap, I just don't know how it will work out with work. We arrive on the last weekend of it, I probably won't get to check much out.
See if you can get some cheap land while you're down there.

I know a guy whose parents are being forced off their property because it's been condemmed or declared unlivable or whatever (these are people that have been there for, like, 80 years). The land will be sold to... Donald Trump! At well below its market value!!

Yay! The free market, once again, does the right thing.
I might be down there same time as you. If I can swing it with school, I was planning on going to the second weekend.
The important question is:

Will Ted show his boobs?
Ring me if you manage it Clarkie.

Did you know they have booze down there?
No I didn't Ted, but I might be persuaded to go anyway.
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