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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Steve Jobs receives kick-backs from Dick Cheney for supplying iPods to our troops that come pre-loaded with propaganda disguised as pop music. Tony Blair likes boys. Mariah Carey is L. Ron Hubbard after extensive surgery. I swear it.

You're wrong about Mariah. L. Ron can do lotsa stuff from the dead, like put out books. He's amazing. Personally I think he's doing it all from the mother ship.

But did you guys see Mariah's chest on the cover of Rolling Stone recently? Dayummm!
Mariah's (L. Ron's) chest IS the mothership.
You could tell me Jobs does naughty things to Cheney and it still wouldn't take me away from apple.

To quote Chripy, "I'd rather eat ground glass than run Windows"
I approve of your choice of devil to serve, you gotta serve somebody, as Bob D. said. I use Apple when I worship the horned one as well.
I just got a Mac, so I am a little naive about this. When is the first ceremony to worship our Father Who Is Below using iChat?
There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only the continuum of worship. Thankfullly, iChat is here to help you commune with the Prince of Evil.
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