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Saturday, March 11, 2006


I saw some baseball on TV yesterday - eeeewwww.

The Hurricanes are still in Carolina, and are still not called the Whalers anymore, but they lead the Eastern Conference with a record of 43 wins, and 14 losses. They have scored a league leading 91 goals.

Tony's Thrashers are in 9th place in that same conference with a record of 30 and 27.

Hue's Wild? 11th place in the Western Conference. 30 and 28.

My Canucks are doing ok. They are 6th in the Western Conference at 35 and 23.

Like any true fan, I need to start hating some teams. I don't feel at all threatened by Hue's Wild, and being from Minnesota, a respectable hockey hub, I'll leave them alone.

I'm used to Dallas hating from the NFL, and being that Dallas is a crap town with no natural ice, the Stars have been elected to receive the full weight of my seething hatred. Stars. Even their name is stupid. They are number 2 in the Western Conference (41 and 19). I hate 'em.

I hate fucking Nashville too. Predators? I'm shocked to find not only does this shitty town in fucking Tennessee have a hockey team, but they are 4th in the Western Conference (Tennessee is west?), and they have almost as stupid of a name as the stupid Stars. Stupid.

Detroit and Calgary are first and third respectively in the Western Conference, but I can't hate on them. These are old school serious hockey towns, they deserve respect.

I'm not currently hating on Colorado (#5) either - yet. I'm okay with their name - Avalanche. It works with the whole Rocky mountain vibe, and there is natural ice in Colorado, so I'll leave 'em be - for now.

The birds picked up another OT win last night. There is some serious hockey love going on down here. The Thrasher's seem to really want a shot at poking into the backdoor of the playoffs. I gotta get down there in the next couple od weeks.
All bow to the mighty Hurricanes.

The Stanley Cup's going to Carolina (in my mind).

Just a little payback from all of those miserable Whaler years.

Go Whalers Go!!

Screw Dallas!

I have no opinion on Nashville!

Kill the ref!
I hate all teams who belong to a divsion with NO Canadian teams.

And I hate canadian teams...

just kidding, i'm bitter...

I'm only kidding about the canadians - I still stand behind my first comment.

solution? we need more Canadian teams aye!
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