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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Can we stop now? How much completely non-bio-degradeable crap do we need to produce? This is sick. We are killing our planet, filling it up with junk. Do we need a new model videopod every six months? No. Until we find a way to store videos and music on vegetables, we should stop with the constant upgrading.

Ted, if they can't sell us a new piece of equipment to every 6 months to replace the old equipment we bought 6 months ago, how are they going to get rich?
That's your beloved Apple you're talking about...
Yeah, and they make me sick! I have no love for Microsoft, and I like the Mac OS, but Jobs has gone too far. He's no better than Gates.
Actaully, he's worse. Gates wants to monopolise and lock you into his OS, Jobs wants to do the same with your music!
How do you figure? I can do whatever I want with my music. And it will still play on the original 5-gig iPod. Only thing currently limiting me to the iPod is that I prefer AAC over MP3, and nothing else currently plays AAC. Fuckers.
Do you buy stuff from iTunes/Apple Store - have you tried to play those files on anything else?

If all you use iTunes for is to load your iPod, and as a player, you have no issues with Apple....yet.

You said it yourself, you can't play the AAC files anywhere else - even if you own them via legal means.
Right, I don't buy songs from the music store. It's all from my CDs and records. But it's not Apple's fault that other players don't support AAC. I guess they just don't see any point in supporting it.
It IS Apple's fault, it's how they keep you as a customer - you didn't even know it, but you've been indocrinated. Jobs intentionally developed a format that, while it is superior, it's also proprietary and only for use on iTunes and other Mac gear (iPods, ect).
OK, come on now.

I agree that the constant upgrading is bad. But Apple is not forcing you to listen to your music on their gear. If you buy it, in their format, from their store, than you need their gear to play it, 'cause (as Hazmat says) there's no one else supporting the format. This isn't Apple's fault; I'm sure they'd love AAC to end up everywhere.

Jackson, as you've pointed out many many times, there're tons of others ways to get music. You don't have to use the Apple Music Store. And the iPod will happily play mp3's, AIFFs, whatever. If anything, it gives you many more options to do what you want with your music.

Apple is a company that makes its money off of hardware, while Microsoft makes its money off of software.
No No No!!!!!

Jobs is the devil...Aliens.....can't breathe......Mommy!
You're right there.

They're all devils.
Actually, AAC was not developed by Apple at all. They just use the codec. It was developed in part by Dobly and Fraunhofer, and I think also AT&T and Nokia. Fraunhofer developed the MP3 codec as well. AAC is MP4.
See! Thomas Dolby - known comunist and alien enthusiast. Fruanhofer? I don't even need to go there do I?


Geez, don't you know what that stands for? Alien Totalitarianism & Terror!

For God's sake people WAKE UP!
Maybe, just perhaps, this is the Crestor talkin'? Get yourself together man...
Fools! You're all fools! Ha ha ha ha! mmmmm yummy CRESTOR!
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