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Monday, March 06, 2006


Chris tells me that Podbalze is canceling all of it's free accounts. Until now, you could sign up and get free space to the tune of 50 mb or something - I forget because I became a paid member so I could get around the limited space. Free as it was, it weren't enough for my podcasting habit.

Speaking of which the new March edition, MickMarsuary (I have to give Chris credit for that one) is up here. You have to scroll for it. They're telling me I've hit my space limit. They always say that.

Anyway, back to the point. Advertising couldn't keep podblaze free. Is this the fault of the company - not energetic enough to get in the public's eye? Or is it the fault of the business model? Does on-line advertising work for the small guy?

Have at it, gents.

This is probably your bro's area of expertise, but on the surface it would appear that the "free" podcast space was fishing lure to draw you to the paid service. Perhaps the Podblaze folks did a ROI on the expense of the free space they were doling out and saw that they weren't getting the sales return they had hoped.
I'll Podblaze's letter informing me that the free service is ending.
Quite simply, they were losing money trying to provide the bandwith.

I agree that the free space was a way to get you to pay. That's OK, but it certainy seems like the content creators are (again) paying for the content to be made available.
You should probably ask the government to pay for it.
With what? Cheney and Rumsfeld spent it all.
Yep, the old "ask the government to pay for it" liberal slam that never gets old!!

Really, it never gets old. Ever. Because liberals like government handouts, and expect the government to pay for everything (like they paid for my education and healthcare... oh wait, no they didn't) and conservatives don't, unless they're handouts to their companies or states or friends, of course.

Anyhow, handouts!! Handouts!!

I'm being repressed!
It never gets old. Just like the "corporations are evil" schtick.
It's not the corporations that are evil.

It's the money-worshipping people who run them, people for whom money is more important than other people. I don't expect you to understand that.
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