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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I bought the DVD of 'The Last Waltz'. The Legal Diva had never seen it. I have no way to ensure the accuracy of this statement, but I must have seen this movie seven thousand times. I'm down for seven thousand more.

There's so much I love about this movie. I love how Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson explain the evolution of Rock n' Roll to Martin Scorsese in about four minutes. I love the guest performers, and I love Rick Danko.

There's a scene where Danko is showing Scorsese around some recording studio. They walk around, and Rick explains that the decor is due to the fact that the place used to be a brothel. They wind up in the control room, and Scorsese asks Rick; "So what are you doing now?"

(If you haven't seen this movie, it's about a farewell concert)

Rick responds (tilting hat down over very heavy lidded eyes): (aside - to engineer: "play that back...") "uhhhh, (pushes a few faders into place, kicks cowboy booted feet up onto console) makin' music."

Goddamn Fuckin A Right.

Makin' Music.

"Crazy Chester followed me
And he caught me in the fog
He said: I'll fix your rack
If you'll take Jack, my dog
I said: Wait a minute Chester
I'm a peaceful man
He said: That's okay son
Won't you feed him when you can"


Cool. You should see Festival Express. It's got a good amount of The Band in it. Danko is playing an Ampeg bass.
I haven't seen this movie and a very long time. I'm inspired to go get a copy now. Maybe I'll watch it this weekend since it'll probably rain. It's rained eight out the last nine F'in weekends down here.
You should get it. It's educational. Who knew that Van Morrison can actually rock out? Joni Mitchell has a sense of humour? The magnetic stage presence of Neil Diamond?

Crazy but true.
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