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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Ozzy Osbourne,Speak Of The Devil + 7

It makes sense. Randy had just died. Sharon saw Ozzy headed for yet another breakdown. In order to keep the Crazy Train rolling while Ozzy could take a quick break, get a new band, and get back out there, new product was needed. Book the Ritz in NYC, record a couple nights of Sabbath tunes, get it in the bins fast.

I bought it. I listened to it quite a bit back in 82. I recently revisited it after many years of neglect. Rudy Sarzo sucks. His tone is limp and his playing a shambles. Tommy Aldridge sounds like he's having a blast just winging it. Brad Gillis.....too much whammy! In their defense, they probably didn't know they were gonna have to play all those Sabbath tunes. I'm sure 'Paranoid', 'Iron Man' and maybe 'War Pigs' were on the Ozzy tour set list, but 'Symptom of the Universe'? 'Children of the Grave'? Certainly Rudy, Tommy, and Brad hadn't been playing 'Never Say Die' very frequently.

Given the back story it becomes an interesting document of the time, and a fun listen. Ozzy comes off well. There's some suspicious doubling going on in the breakdown sections of 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' and elsewhere. Methinks Ozzy visited The Record Plant after The Ritz. I don't think Sharon wanted to pay for anybody else to do any fixin'.

All in all, I can't recommend the record to those who don't already have it. It's one for the faithful, but a fun revisit if your so inclined.

Me thinks the visit to the Record Plant for a tidy up was definately what happened. The only thing on this record that I though sounded OK was "The Wizard". I haven't heard it in 20 years so I'll check it out when I get up there.

You know how much I worshipped the first Ozzy solo band and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I was hugely let down by this album. I regained a little faith when Bark At The Moon came out and the tour behind that album was quite good, but it was over for me for the most part after Randy died.

I'm glad I didn't do anything stupid like get the bands logo tattooed on my body...
No, you'd never do anything like that...har har...

I saw the Jake E. Lee lineup just before 'Bark At The Moon' came out at the Mid Hudson Civic Center. Mr. L. Smart and myself got riped off by a scalper, so we sold our studded wristbands (no lie) for twenty bucks and bribed a security guy to let us in teh back door. We missed Vandenberg - oh well - Ozzy was great. No stage set - just a band with gear.
I caught the Jack E Lee line up, RATT opened.

Speak of the Devil is only for the avid fans. Your quote about Rudy was spot on.

I often wonder what kind of mega star Randy would have been.
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