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Friday, March 24, 2006


I forced Exile on Chan tonight. No other British band swallowed American music like the Stones. Exile was the main course.

"It's the fucking Gospel"

What sets Exile above everything is Gospel.

"May the good Lord, shine a light on you. Make every song you sing your favorite tune..."
"When i'm tired and all alone
Lord shine a light on me
Whin i'm lonesome as can be
Lord shine a light on me

Lord shine a light on me
Lord shine a light on me
Lord shine a light on me"

Why is it that Heroin and Jesus seem to go so well together?
This is one of the few albums I can never get sick of.

Btw, pics my friend took of Nikki Sudden last night. You guys will like the guitar.
The Stones suck.

Face it.
If you mean they suck at being shitty, and they suck at not being successful, then yeah.
No, I meant they suck at making interesting music.
Awww you gone and done it now... Yeah c'mon. Whatcha looking for here eh? Spoilin' for a fight? Take'em out to the woodshed Jackson (that's southern for kickin' someones ass for the benefit of all you New Yorkers).
He's obviously delusional, he's sick, he needs our help. We should pity him instead of beating him.
Somebody has to play at the Super Bowl, I guess, and Shania Twain was busy.
Oh yeah, Sussudio, or however you spell it!
Phil Collins sucks too.
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