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Friday, March 17, 2006


I got a lot of ground to cover here. I been busy. Here's the fruit of my labor.

In 1972 The Band made a live record, 'Rock of Ages'. Although I love The Band, and as much as a seminal influence they might be upon me.....

Okay I gotta explain that. In '79 and '80, as I was touring Europe with my folks, mostly staying at Army bases, so was The Band, in celluloid form. The Army gets it's movies second run, or at least they used to anyway, and so The Last Waltz was still playing around Germany and Italy at Army bases during that time. Being that I was Thirteen and alone in a foreign country with my parents, I was keen on the movies - often despite what was playing. I saw The Last Waltz five times in four months at a very impressionable age. I signed out the cassette of the The Last Waltz from the library and consumed those songs.

Until now the only record by The Band that I ever bought was the Greatest Hits package. It had pretty much the same tunes as the movie, I figured that was really all there was to The Band.

Obviously there was more, and I knew that, but hey man, I was BUSY.

Anyway, I'm listening to 'Rock of Ages'. It's good. It's certainly The Band, and there's a lot more Danko singing, so that's good. I'm digging on 'M.S. Walcott Medicine Show'. It's a song referenced, but not played, in The Last Waltz.

Overall the audience is mixed lower than the typical seventies live LP, which is relieving. It works well on Kiss Alive, but once you realize that it's usually not the audience, but an audience, you tend to turn off to that traditional farce. Then again I yearn for it when I begrudgingly listen to my least favorite live record - '4 Way Street'. That record sucks.

What do you call Crosby Still Nash and Young without Neil Young?

Those guys you can't figure out why Neil Young wastes his time hanging out with.

What has nine arms and sucks?

Def Leppard.

What did Rick Allen say to his roadie?

Give me a hand with this.

Okay, enough......Hey, Garth Hudson is doing his keyboard solo. He's got all kinds of neat effects, but honestly, and I have great respect for Garth, this solo sucks. It sounds like some real weak Keith Emmerson wannabe.....wait....he just went into 'Auld Lang Saine' (?sp).....wait, he just....wait now he's....Chest Fever!

That's why I bought this record. In The Last Waltz, when Martin Scorsese is interviewing Robbie and Levon, they start talking about Garth, and the video cuts (with audio underneath the voice over) to Garth's spotlight solo section. It's much the same, he's wailing away with some freaky effects, then-Pow! A riff just slams you, Garth launches into Chest Fever. It's one the all-time greatest riffs: E, D, E, A. Obvious. Perfect.

At the end of the day, I could listen to Levon Helm sing the phonebook. I'm predisposed to like The Band. I can't help it. I don't want to hang up my rock n roll shoes.

It's time to talk about the Germans again.

Very precise engineering.

I bought two Kraftwerk LPs. 'Man.Machine', and 'Trans Europe Express'.

Everything you heard on the radio, or on television, during the eighties comes from these records. There's a reason everybody talks about Kraftwerk's influence. Without your knowledge, they have permeated your psyche - you know this music, even if you've never heard it. You've heard the guys who have.

"From station to station
back to Dusseldorf City
Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie
Trans-Europe Express"

Crap! It got late. I'm gonna have to continue this post later.

Still to come, Jackson listens to:

No Wave: A Musical Dip Into The Ocean Of Contemporary Sounds - Various Artists (1978, A&M)
Focus - Focus 3 (1972, Sire)
Amon Duul II - Made In Germany (1975, ATCO)
Andy Summers/Robert Fripp - I Advanced Masked (1982, A&M)
King Crimson - Lizard (1971, Atlantic)

"It's time to talk about the Germans again. Very precise engineering"

I'm a little let down by the German engineers who designed the oil cooling system in my automobile right now. I think they had it right on the previous model I owned whereby no water was involved. The engine was cooled by the oil itself.

Fixing the problem is costing me Focusrite Red 8 type dough, the Nazi bastards. I guess I'll end up forgiving them when I go pick it up today. The top will be down and the wind will be running through my ever graying hair on this 70 degree and sunny St. Pat's day were having here in the ATL.

Sorry Hue, I saw nine inches of snow falling in the land of 10,000 rinks on the news this morning.
Oh well, it's supposed to be 35 today... Top down in a German car huh? (i'll bet it's not a VW, you seem more like a Porche type guy) BASTARD!

Hey go have a chilli slaw dawg and Vidalia onion rings at the Varsity for me (Better than White Castle, In and Out bURGEr, and Fat Burger combined).

Hey that Rick Allen joke made coffee shoot out of my nose - I'll be using it all day.
Glad to be of service Hue.

Porsche, you bet.

Word from ATL is that the Varsity actually isn't very good - at least not sober.
Yep, the Varsity is tough on the gut. The only thing I'd jump on there are the hotdogs, perhaps with some chili. Of course my diet does not allow me to partake so I am just making myself drool while typing this.

If you feel like putting a shirt on to dine, the Tamarind Thai Restaurant in right around the corner from the V. Best f'ing Thai food ever. Vijay Singh has their food delivered out to Augusta during the masters.

Yep, I'm a Porsche guy.

What's the diff between a porcupine and a Porsche? With a Porsche, the pricks on the inside.

Other than a 77 Pinto and a Datsun 280Z, I’ve driven them most of my life. Even totaled one with Jackson sitting shotgun Xmas eve 1988. That sucked, I wouldn’t recommend it.
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