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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I can't begin to hurl superlatives at this record. I've been through two vinyl copies. The first one developed a skip right at the best part of 'Irene Wilde'. Couldn't have that.

What could be better than Ian and Mick Ronson with a super tight band running through Mott and Hunter tunes? Not much. The live version of the forementioned 'Irene Wild' is reason enough to own this two record set. Throw in awesome versions of 'just Another Night', 'All The Way From Memphis', 'Cleveland Rocks', 'I Wish I Was Your Mother', 'All The Young Dudes', and 'Rock and Roll Queen', and well, you've got yourself one of the best live records of all time.

Trust me.

I was also listening to this record:

Hotter Than Hell album cover

My copy is 29 years old. It sounds at least that old. If I bought a new one, I'd probably still listen to this copy. I'm used to the pops, they're part of the record.

The Ian record is another of the ones my brother wore out during alternating album sides on the shared stereo. I'm glad he made me listen to it.

"She look good, she looked hotter than hell..." I'm sure there are a couple of "knees" and "please" rhyming somewhere on that one.
i love that Ian Hunter live record

i have it in my vinyl collection

going to listen to it on Rhapsody and you have just inspired a Nuggets post

probably next week because i already have one tee'd up for this friday
fuck, fuck, fuck

that record is out of print

it's not available at amazon, rhapsody, itunes, or anywhere online

and my vinyl is in long island

fuck, fuck, fuck
You may just have to have Jackson rip/burn/tape it for you, or have Josh run out to LI for it:-)
I remember when you got Hotter than Hell, I think it was one of your first Kiss records, and you still have it.
We are fully set up to transfer vinyl to digital and send out AAC's or mp3's. We've done it with vinyl (and cassettes) before.

We'll shoot some Ian Hunter over to Fred. I think he'd enjoy it, and it'll be a good chance to show off our "remastering" skills...
I actually just sent Fred AACs of the 'highlights' which is pretty much the songs mentioned in the post. I recorded them from my vinyl into Digital Preformer, a touch of the Waves Limiter, bounce, convert to AAC in Itunes - Hotmail - gone and done.
I have to say Rod turned me on to that Ian Hunter record, which in turn turned me on to Mott. I can't say the same for Fred, but I wouldn't be surprised if his story was similar.

Yep - the Hotter Than Hell is one the oldest LP's I have. I'd say it's peers are:

Kiss Alive
Kiss Dressed To Kill
Kiss Destroyer
The Beatles Abbey Road (the oldest)
THe Beatles Revolver

That was 1976-7 for Ted.

I also had Sgt. Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour and the Red and Blue best of packages, but sadly I don't own the same copies of those LP's, I've since replaced them.

I think the first Lp I bought that wasn't Kiss or The Beatles was Aerosmith Toys In The Attic.

How'd they sound?
They sound, well, chrispy. They sound like vinyl actaully.
I always thought I had a certain warmth. But I do scratch easily.
Ian Hunter Live was also a record that my brother played incessantly when we were growing up. It's a great record
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