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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Steve Jobs can blow me.

I spent ages trying to load about 30 iPods with a movie file. I loaded these same iPods with the same movie file back in November. I actually loaded 120 iPods with about 300 mp3s and this stupid, god-damned movie file. 30 of the people who received these iPods promptly went home and erased the files when they hooked their iPods up to their computers.


We told them to select 'Update Manually' in their iTunes Preferences, but you know people, 30 out of every 120 are morons, just like Steve 'my head's up my ass' Jobs. So, I had to re-load the files. The mp3s went fine, but when I tried to load the movie file I kept getting a prompt telling me that the file could not be played on iTunes.

It plays on my iTunes.

I figure it's due to the fact that these 30 people have a newer version of iTunes than the one I was using to load their iPods with. I couldn't download the newest version of iTunes either, because I have a loaner PowerBook G4 from our tech department at work, and the loser that had it before me activated the security feature and I don't know his damn password, and he hasn't responded to my phone calls. Asshole. He must be a friend of Steve 'I couldn't care less about anything that doesn't increase my wealth' Jobs.

The 30 people couldn't care less about the stupid mp3s, what they really want is the fucking movie file. I wasted my time and theirs. Sorry, I mean Steve Jobs wasted my time and theirs.

Why can't you make fucking product that is relevant for more than a fucking nano second?

Good thing Heineken remains consistant. There's a product that doesn't need constant updating, and one that will help me cope with my seething hatred for that cock-sucking asshole Jobs and his constant need to update everything.

Update your arse Jobs.

30 out of 120 are morons???

Try 119 out of 120, my friend.
You're so cute when you get angry
I suspect you may be closer to the actual numbers Dave, but I was trying to be nice.....really I was.....
I blame:

1. the people who took the iPods home and fucked them up

2. the company that LET them take the iPods home and fuck them up, if they were supposed to be used for video again. If this video is that important it should have been protected before it was given out to 120 random folks who don't know what they're doing

Notice Steve Jobs is not on this list. He didn't delete your videos!
Oh, so you told them to set the iPod prefs to update manually before giving you the iPods? Yeah, they suck then.

As for the iTunes version, it sounds like THEY'RE running an older version of iTunes and/or the iPod software. Usually if someone's having a problem of not being able to play something, making sure they have the latest version of iTunes and the iPod software will fix it.

You can blame who you like Chris, but it's not your time being wasted.

The blame lies squarely on the CEO of the company that is constantly making their products and services obsolete so you have to buy new products and services.
I blame President Bush, religious conservatives, the entire Republican party, and Ted for this mess. Damn I'm angry.

I think I'll go to the Waffle House now...
Why didn't you guys set them to "manual" before giving them out?

If someone gives you a cellphone with a bunch of numbers programmed, and you delete them, whose fault is it? Sprint's?

Also, relying on this technology to deliver important information to your clients is asking for trouble. How was this information distributed before the video iPod? I mean, they're less than a year old, right? I wouldn't trust 'em...

The problem is that companies and consumers love to jump on the new technology, and then hate the growing pains associated with the new technology.

Anyhow, I feel your pain. I wish it were easier. But the Apples at the studio are humming along nicely...
Chris said something that I was initially going on about, but then I deleted it since I had sort of misread your post. But if this helps you: when you change the iPod prefs in iTunes, the iPod prefs are stores on the iPod itself, but in the iTunes prefs on the computer. So the iPod will retain those prefs on whatever computer you plug it in to.
It's iTunes that needs to be set to manual, not the iPod, if I could have idiot proofed the damn things I would have.

If my Boss gave me a cellphone with a bunch of numbers in them, told me how NOT to delete them, told me they were important, and for my use in the feild, and then I deleted them - yes I'd be an idiot - as these people are - but you have to take that into account, and that's why we set up a re-load for them, and this is where the problem lies. In the five months since they got the iPods a number of new versions of iTunes have come out.

On the upside of all this, I have a iPod USB cable now, so we can load clients iPods with recent mixes directly.
Well I don't fucking know (Hazmat), I don't even have one of the stupid things. All I know is that I loaded them, set them for manual, distributed them, and then I got thirty back that had lost the files somehow.

It's over now. I made a CD of the files, duped 120 of them, and distributed them so they can load the files in their iTunes and not have this problem, which is what I told the client to do 5 months ago, but nobody listens to lil' ole me.
The old "user not listening" error message.

That USD iPod cable thing is cool. I wonder if it'll be updated and won't work...
I got it sussed out, I know how to update an iPod without deleteing the owners files.....
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